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The Hermitage

Photo of eclipse

Total Eclipse, April 8, 2024
Under a clear blue sky, and nearly dead center beneath the center line of totality, watching the eclipse from the Hermitage was so optimal that an alien dropped by for the view. Very spooky!

The Cabin

The Early Years
Built in '72, using only handtools and 100% reclaimed materials, the cabin was home for twenty years. Living in the cabin was living life to the fullest: always in the moment, and always intimately connected with the surrounding nature and its rythems.

The Outhouse

The Outhouse In the absence of electricity and running water for the first ten years, the outhouse was an essential service back in the day. It's still synonymous with peace and quiet and Relief.

The "Relief" casting comes from "The Birches" on Murray Isle, Thousand Islands, NY.

Hermit's outhouse is a two-seater (Pilot and Co-Pilot), and it has been moved twice.


Cooking and heating with firewood has been a central element of the Hermit lifestyle for over fifty years. Cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood are some of Hermit's favorite pastimes. Gram always said "He who heats with wood is twice warmed", but scientifik resurch shows it's way more times than that!

Inside a house

The New House
From a stump in the woods to the New House in the woods - what a long strange trip it's been!

Wood stove

Tiling the wood stove
Preparing a badly out-of-plumb block wall for tiling and creating a reinforced tile platform for the 850-pound Vermont Castings Dutchwest convection heater.


Classic Sauna
Homepage for the Hermitage sauna. These pictures are of the original sauna. At the bottom of the page there are links to photos of the sauna renovation and new sauna.

Winter Scene

Wintertime Around The Hermitage  What is snow? We do not know. But snow is fun, this we know. Grab your mittens, it's toboggan time.


The Stream  There are 3 streams on the property. The one here runs between the cabin and the new house. It feeds the pond and for the first ten years it supplied water to the cabin - carried by hand at first, and later drawn by the hand pump in the kitchen window.


Lichen, Moss & Fungi The Hermit gathers Lichen, Moss & Fungi around the Hermitage

Fishing with Paul

Here fishy fishy fishy..
Fishing 2002-2008. After Uncle Jim departed for the Muskellunge Hall of Fame in the Sky, Greg took up all the slack in his line, from the Thousand Islands all the way to West Virginia. Then, to my chagrine, for the blink of an eye, he had Paul casting like a pro.

Cleaning the Pond

Pond Cleaning
Sediment removal, July/August 2005

Hydro Trucks

Eastern Townships Ice Storm, 2013
The epic 2013 ice storm here in the Eastern Townships of Quebec provided a mandatory week-long vacation from electricity - a "Hydro Holiday". It was just like the old days!

Horse and Tobaggan

Over Fields We'll Go, In a One-Horse Open Toboggan
Jingle-bells, jingle bells! The Appaloosa Express, 30 Dec 2016

A Moose

2016 May and June around the Hermitage
Planting blueberries, veggie gardens, bear poop & moose on the loose


Summer 2017, Repair & Rennovation Projects At the Hermitage
2 doors, 1 roof, 2 roomettes, & sauna cement work


Summer 2021, Repair & Rennovation Projects At the Hermitage
Sagging porch, replacing wooden posts, picture window, outside stairs, reconstruction of Newhouse front porch, pond cleaning.


Summer 2022, Repair & Rennovation Projects At the Hermitage
Replacing rotten sills, Newhouse porch roof and siding (WIP).

Other Stuff

Shunda Lake, Nordegg Alberta Canada

Shunda Lake, Cline River Alberta
Photos of Shunda (Fish) Lake and the Cline River, near Nordegg, Alberta Canada.

Snack Time on the Range!
Trygva, Jasper, and Emmet gather around for cookies!

A day (or two) in the life of Gibson the Appaloosa colt - Photos and Videos

A Dinasaur!

Royal Tyrell Museum
A baker's dozen of photos taken on an outing to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta Canada. Take the tour!

Street Art

Montreal Street Art
Manning the barricades and making the rounds of Montreal's street art scene.

Bearded Dragon

Pippin the Peculiar
Mysterious. Magnificent. Heat seeking. Able to hide beneath speakers for six weeks without food or water.

Horse sculpture

India, 2008
LA's International Affairs trip


Greg Fishes
Greg's 2013 fishing trips

Little One

Little One
Little One feels sleepy after a porch snack, 2003

Rememberance Day, Sherbrooke

Remembrance Day
Sherbrooke Quebec, November 13, 2016

Radar antenna

773rd Radar Squadron Reunion
Attention Airmen. Attention Airmen.
All 773rd Airmen report immediately to Montauk Long Island.

House Renevation

995 Before & After
Reconstruction, renovation & addition, 2002


Arts & Letters
Selected writings and illustrations

Electronic Gizmo

The Gizmo Gadget
A 4-Hand 555 Sextet - design & assembly, April 2017

GMC Truck

Good Old Truck
2003 Sierra 1500, June 2017

Chain Saw

Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp
A few pointers on keeping your chain saw sharp and cutting efficiently.



'66 Triumph

Hermit's First Triumph Motorcycles
The Wild One and the Wild Thing, 1965-1970

'69 Triumph

The Bonnie at Frank's Brit-Barn
Love at first sight, 2003

Travels with Bonnie

John Muir: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”
Triumph and barn

Beebe, Boynton, Tomofobia Quebec
All original 1969 Bonnie on the Quebec gravel, 26 October 2003

Granite Quarry

Bebee, Quebec
Views of the Stanstead Granite Quarries Company's quarry, October 2003

Triumph and boathouses

Georgeville, Fitch Bay, Cedarville, Beebe Quebec
From Memphremagog lakeside to bay views at P.Snow's, October 31 2003

Lake Willoughby

Island Pond & Lake Willoughby
Lake Willoughby and the hills of Lode Vermont, 2005

Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway, NH
The Kank - "No gas next 32 miles", 2006 & 2013 with BB

Triumph in the Snow

Look! A Snow Bonnie!
A surreal Christmas Day ride in Southern Quebec & Northeast Kingdom Vermont, 2006


14 Eastern Townships & Northeast Kingdom towns & villages
Hatley, Compton, Moe's River, Martinville, Saint Malo, East Hereford Quebec Beecher Falls, Norton, Island Pond, Seymour Lake, Morgan, Holland, Derby Line Vermont June 4, 2007

Three British Motorcycles

Brit-Iron in Birchton Quebec
BB&B assemble their Brit Iron, 2013

Big Falls, VT

Big Falls, Vermont
A stone's throw from Paddy's Snack Bar in North Troy, November 6, 2013

Vermont Pond

Five Northeast Kingdom Vermont Ponds
Long Pond, Newark Pond, Bald Hill Pond, Job's Pond, & Island Pond, 2013

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands, New York
A trek across Vermont & Upstate New York & a nostalgic visit 'The Birches', 2013

Sagging barn

Irasburg, Barton, & Orleans Vermont
The best views are always from 'The Gravel', July 2014

Burke Mountain

Burke Mountain Vermont
The First Annual Under the Wire ride, 11 November 2014

Burke Mountain

Burke Mountain Vermont
The Second Annual Under the Wire ride, 10 November 2015

Lake Willoughby from Burke Mt

Burke Mountain Vermont
The Third Annual Under the Wire ride, October 6, 2016

Job's Pond

Three Ponds, Vermont Northeast Kingdom
Job's Pond, Bald Hill Pond, Long Pond, & Brownington Observation Tower, September 28, 2014

Jay Peak

Potton Quebec
Leadville & Mansonville on Lake Memphremagog's western shore, 21 October 2015

Asbestor Mine

Asbestos Mining in the Vermont Northeast Kingdom
(Loop Road, Buck Hill, Mines Road, East Hill, Eden Mountain, Collinsville, Wild Branch) July 25 2015

Green Mountains

Vermont Green Mountains
Including four of six Green Mountain gaps, October 2015

Winding road

Smugglers Notch Vermont
Mountain Road 108, October 2015

Texas Falls, VT

The Texas Falls
The Vermont Green Mountains' fabulously beautiful Texas Falls, October 2015

Church steeple

Saint Etienne de Bolton Quebec
Village views in Saint Etienne, July 2016

Derelict motorcycle

Mountain Biking in the Greens
Whimsey in the Vermont Green Mountains, October 2017

Abanndonned house

Abandoned Premises
Quebec, Vermont, New York Very Spooky


The Graveyard Shift
I brake for cemeteries - back-road cemeteries of Southern Quebec & the Vermont Northeast Kingdom

Lake Willoughby

Lake Willoughby Vermont
From summer swimming hole to Fall foliage at the Lake

Fall colors and motorcycle

Fall Foliage in Stanstead Quebec
Brilliant! That's all I can say

Sunset and motorcycle

Bonnie Landscapes
Bonnie poses with landscapes, skylines, & sunsets

CVMG Ormstown Rally 2006

2006 CVMG Ormstown Rally
Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Montreal Section Annual Rally, August 2006

CVMG Ormstown Rally 2007

2007 CVMG Ormstown Rally
Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Montreal Section Annual Rally, August 2007

British Invasion, Stowe VT

British Invasion, Stowe Vermont
The Stowe Vermont British Invasion Car Show, 2012

Motorcycle gas tank

Stanbridge East Quebec
Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Montreal Section Meeting, July 2013

Bonnie in the Castle

Triumph engine

Fabricating an Engine Base (7 photos)
To facilitate the installation of two gearbox bearings in the casing I fabricated this engine base for use on a hydraulic press.

Podtronics/battery carrier

Installing a Podtronics beneath the Battery Carrier (8 photos)
I used a couple of tie-wraps to fasten a Podtronics regulator/rectifier beneath Bonnie's battery carrier.

Gear oil samples

Gear Oil & Yellow Metals
Some background info on yellow metals and GL5 gear oil products and some sinetific research.

Triumph gearbox camplate

Assembling the Triumph Unit 650 Gearbox: Hancox Method
A photo-illustrated, step-by-step description of Hughie Hancox's method of assembling the gearbox components.

Triumph gearbox

Camplate & Quadrant Indexing.
A photo-illustrated description of indexing the gearbox camplate and quadrant in first gear, fourth gear, and neutral between 2nd & 3rd.

Triumph engine and frame

Winter in the Castle Part 3 (12 photos)
Removing engine from frame for a trip to the machine shop and repair to shorn thrust washer locator peg. Also presents the rare opportunity to shine up the bottom side as well as the top. (But how will I know which side to keep up?) February 27, 2018

Triumph primary chaincase

Winter in the Castle Part 2
Dismantling transmission and gearbox after discovering GOLD in the outer gearbox cover. Includes photos showing range of motion of gearshift quadrant in degrees as well as the use of several special purpose clutch tools. February 2018

Triumph conrods

Top End Tear Down
'69 Triumph T120R Top End Tear Down, January 2016

Triumph gears

Photos of Bonnie's gearbox and transmission components, April 2016

Triumph cylinders and pistons

Top End Reassembly
Photos of 1969 Triumph T120R Bonnie's top end reassembly, May 2016

Triumph engine

New Wiring Harness
Wiring Bonnie with a custom wiring harness using supplies from British Wiring, 2015

Triumph engine

Winter Tear down
Bonnie's Winter Tear Down, 2015

Triumph gears

Gearbox Components
Photos of Bonnie's gearbox components, Winter 2015

Triumph frame and engine

New Wiring Harness
Photos of 1969 T120R Bonnie's new repro wiring harness, Winter 2006

Powercoated motorcycle parts

Powder Coating
Bonnie's newly powder coated parts, Winter 2006

Triumph wiring

Original Wiring
Photos of 1969 T120R Bonnie's original wiring harness, 2005

Triumph Engine Removal

Engine Removal using Chain Hoist - 2004
Removing and replacing the engine from/in the frame of a 1969 Triumph T120R using a chain hoist to do the heavy lifting.

Triumph engine parts

Reassembly - Winter 2004
Reassembling Bonnie after painting her cylinder block, frame, and tinware. Very shiny!

Riding Calendars

Rural scene

2006 Ride Calendar

Rural scenery

June - November 2007 Ride Calendar

Triumph and stop sign

Fall 2013 Ride Calendar

Arial view of mansion on Lake Memphremagog

Fall 2014 Ride Calendar

Job's Pond

2014 Bonnie Log

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