The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Located in Drumheller, Alberta Canada, the Royal Tyrrell Museum is guaranteed to entrance kids and adults alike with its artistic, "life-like" exhibits.

The layout and lighting of the large, multi-leveled building housing the museum transports you back through the eons, while sufficiently spreading out the throngs of museum attendees to avoid over-crowding.

The museum gift shop is the last stop before exiting and it offers a very wide variety of branded merch for you and the kiddies at surprisingly reasonable prices!

In a brief visit to Drumheller our impression was that the town is welcoming and friendly. A tourist town, but not a tourist trap.

But if you can't make it to Drumheller and the museum itself, you can visit the museum's website, which is loaded with educational and entertaining features.

A class act all the way around!

A baker's dozen of photos taken around the museum

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