Newhouse Repairs, 2022

Rotten Sills

Runoff from the roof falling on the (now removed) deck splashed up on the three corners, promoting rot that was soon exploited by carpenter ants.

Dryrotted materials were carefully removed and replaced with pressure-treated wood. All materials were also sprayed with a mixture of antifreeze and boratic acid: a navy recipe said to kill the dryrot fungus.

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Damage from water and ants

Dryrot removed & lumber dressed, South side

Temporary support, West side

Sill replacements, South side

Rim joist replacement, South side

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Rot removed & dressed, West side

Sill replacements, West side

Rim joist replaced, West side

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Sills and Rim joist repaired

Exterior sheathing applied to South side

Exterior sheathing - 1/2" pressure-treated ply



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Indications for heatpump supply wiring


Ready for siding

Corner board and siding replaced