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Installing the Triumph Center Stand Spring

Bruce Miller 2018

Just how hard could it be to install a new center stand spring anyway? Hook one end onto the center stand and stretch the spring far enough to slip the other end over the hook on the frame. Nothing to it, right?

But wait. This isn't your screen door's spring, this is the Triumph center stand


The Ugly...

Triumph center stand spring

I've tried gripping the loose end with vice-grips and pushing or pulling until my eyes started bugging. I think I succeeded that way once, but nearly blew a gasket.

Then there's the old "use a bar of some kind to lever the spring's loose end over the hook". I call this the 'almost, but no cigar' method.

While both the vice-grips and lever methods may eventually succeed, they entail lots of strain, accompanied by much grunting.

And sometimes your SUPER-SPRING "gets bent".

The Bad...

The "penny trick" for installing a center stand spring has been going around for years. It goes like this: simply insert pennies or washers between the coils of the spring until it's long enough to slip right over the hooks at either end and then pull out the pennies with a pair of pliers.

At first glance this method seems to be pure genius. If you actually try it, however, you'll discover as I did how difficult it is to keep those pennies or washers from falling out as you add new ones. Reliable sources say that it can be done, but it may not be quite as easy as one might think.

The Good

Next time, try this simple trick that makes the job quick and easy: pull the spring open with a piece of string. Here's how:

  1. Place the bike on it's side stand (center stand up)
  2. Block the wheels so the bike does not move forward
  3. Attach one end of the new spring to the center stand
  4. Take about three feet of household twine and loop it in half
  5. From front to rear, pass loop end of the string between the bottom of the primary chaincase and the top of the frame cross-member where the spring hooks
  6. Slip the loop over the free end of the spring
  7. Sit on the floor facing the rear of the bike and place a boot against the center stand's operating arm
  8. Grasp the string's loose ends with both hands and pull, stretching the spring and guiding it onto the retaining hook
The Photos

It may take a couple of tries to slip the spring over the hook, but stretching the spring is pretty easy.

The first time I tried this trick I used a piece of 1/4" polypropylene rope and it was somewhat difficult to remove the rope. The next time I used household sisal string and tearing it out was no problem.

The Deluxe

Finally, if you have some time on your hands, you could fabricate a " spring puller" like one of the ones described by Hans Muller.

Homemade center stand spring tool


Whichever method you choose to install your center stand spring, take precautions against pulling your motorcycle on top of yourself! In the accompanying photos my Bonnie is held upright by a cable and chain hoist.