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Travels with Bonnie
Bonnie rides - photos from the road.

Favorite Destinations
More photos of favorite roadside attractions and destinations.

English Dark Humor
Dim, flicker, and off: the Prince of Darkness and other funny stuff..

Hermit's First Motorcycles
in words and pictures.
Classic Triumph Tech

Parts Listings for 1969 T120R
A unique parts guide that surpasses #7 and provides a treasure trove of information on your Bonnie's parts.

Triumph 650 Technical Articles
A panier of technical information, tips, and techniques to help keep your classic Triumph T120R 650 Twin in good fettle.

Links to Triumph Resources"
Hundreds of online resources for classic Triumph motorcycles as well as other British marques: Parts-Info-
Service-Photos-Clubs-History-Books-Products- For Sale-And More.
Classic British MC Links"

Liberated Cyberzone

No Smiley Virus
No Who Had Their Ass Tattooed
No NSA Downloads
No Crack-heads
No GoogleAds
No Money Down

Hermit's Lament
I'd like to complain more
but I can't find the time

Beware of orange orantgutans
Dressed in populist clothing

A Photo

Computer Tech Library
You've found it!
Windows, Office, Networking, Internet, Security, and much more.
It's all here in Hermit's

Computer Tech Free Library!

Digital News Digest
If it's digital, it's news to us!
Diverse collection of links to news and articles on cybercrime, cyberwarfare, digital currency, google, hactivism, internet security, malware, privacy, and social networking.

Think outside the bottle,
    Drink Tap Water

Hermit Exclusive!
The Hermit brings you weather aftcasts! for the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

World's Most Delicious
Carrot Cake

Hermit Gathers Moss..

Moss and Lichen and Fungii

Dancing Water Speakers
"Outward appearance fashion, the use of simple, convenient, suitable for home and office."
No one else says it just the way they do...
From China with Love
New! Gizmo Gadget
My 4-Hand 555 Sextet winter project. Tired. But getting Wired!

The Pipeline Blues
Want to know what it's like to get the natural gas pipeline blues? Here's the dirty low down on pipelines and politics, safety, and the environment.
Home Page
PNGTS Extension

Big Oil Primer
Big oil is a dirty business, and it's out to give you the business. A reading list.

Something Fishy Here!
Grown men holding fish and grinning. See the pics of Greg's 2013 fishing trips.

Other Diversions
Buckminster Fuller: #47
Bucky was very special. And he thought there might be something very special about the number 47

Jerry sighting

Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead

Vermont Beautification
Gee, we thought she looked just fine...

"You are wise, witty and wonderful,
but you spend too much time reading this sort of stuff." - Jim Critchfield

One of many humorous quotes in the Hermit's quote collection.

"I invented it
but Bill Gates made it famous"

Dr. David Bradly
Creator of Ctrl-Alt-Del for the IBM-PC

Blackout Christmas

The Hermits' 2013 Hydro Holiday

Carpenter Capers
Driving with Davie and The Farfan 500

Original sinetifik research
Don't say you never wondered!
How much wood can a woodchuck?

I don't want a pickle...
How I lost and found my Quebec motorcycle driver's license

Hermit Photo Album
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter: photos from the homestead