The Pipeline Blues

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary edition of the Pipeline Blues.

The Pipeline Blues is a unique and ground-breaking archive of materials concerning the TransQuebec & Maritimes PNGTS Extension pipeline project in Quebec, Canada.

At the time of its creation in 1997, The Pipeline Blues was the sole online source of nearly all the content you'll find here, and for much of the material that remains the case to this day. Thus, the Pipeline Blues is an enduring chronicle of the PNGTS Extension and the landowners who banded together to challenge the status quo of the pipeline industry and precipitate the first ever Canadian National Energy Board Detailed Route Hearing for a pipeline.

Currently the Pipeline Blues is being updated to simplify the format and make the content more accessible. During the update you may encounter broken or incorrect links. Thank you for your patience.

The following links and sub-Indexes below provide access to all of the Pipeline Blues content.

Bruce Miller
January 2018

PNGTS Extension

  • PNGTS Extension Project Promoters
  • PNGTS Extension Promotor Credibility
  • Landowners vs Pipeline Companies: Imbalance of Power
  • PNGTS Extension & Quebec Politics
  • PNGTS Extension, UPA's Role
  • Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environment

    Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environment Hearings

  • BAPE Hearings PNGTS Extension, Info & Schedules
  • BAPE Hearings PNGTS Extension, First Magog Session

    Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environment Briefs

  • Index to Briefs (8) Submitted to the BAPE

    Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environment Verbatims

  • Index to BAPE Verbatims
  • The Environment

  • The TQM Environmental Assessment
  • Pipelines and Cultivated land
  • National Energy Board

    National Energy Board Comprehensive Study Reports

  • Office national de l'énergie Rapport d'étude approfondie
  • National Energy Board Comprehensive Study Report

    Commentary on National Energy Board Comprehensive Study Report

  • Index to Commentary on NEB Comprehensive Study Report

    National Energy Board Reasons for Decision - PNGTS Extension

  • Office national de l'énergie Motifs de décision, PNGTS Extension (French)

    National Energy Board Reasons for Decision - Detailed Route Hearing

  • NEB Reasons for Decision, Detailed Route Hearing (Eng)
  • What's New?

  • Index to Original 'What's New?' Page
  • Press Articles on PNGTS Extension (Vintage)

  • Index to PNGTS Extension Press
  • Landowner Letters

  • Index to Landowner Letters (12)
  • News

  • Index to PNGTS Extension 'What's New?'
  • Safety (PNGTS)

  • Pipeline security: BAPE Séance tenue le 16 juin 1997, à 19 h Montréal
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Evacuation plans? What Evacuation Plans?
  • How Safe Is Natural Gas? Really
  • NEB Safety Statistics, Another One Rides the Bus
  • Pipeline Safety (Not)
  • Pipeline Explosion in New Jersey
  • "Natural Gas is Very Safe"..
  • Pipeline Blues Press Section, 2000 - 2003)

  • Index to Pipeline Blues Press Section
  • Oil and Gas Industry Press Articles

  • Dirty Business - Big Oil
  • Pipeline Safety in the US

  • How Safe Are Natural Gas Pipelines?
  • US Pipeline Safety and Pipeline Company Attitudes