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Hermit's 1969 Triumph 650 Parts Lists

The hyperlinked parts lists below surpass the Triumph Parts List #7. Besides Triumph part and reference numbers and illustrations, they include size, orientation, torque, and special tool info, as well as notes and corrections to errors in #7. These parts lists, updated regularly, are managed and published using MP - Motorcycle-Parts, a proprietary database program written by the Hermit.

They are followed by links to charts and photo-id pages which will assist you in identifying the correct o-rings, front & rear axle parts, and carburettor mounting style for your Bonnie.

There are also links to pages for parts statistics, torque settings, orientations, #7 errors, and more.

Frequently-Used Parts Lookups

Scroll the Figures in the left-hand pane, then click on a Figure to display its parts list in the right pane.

Scroll parts list or use Ctrl-F to find a part in the left-hand pane, then click on the part's hyperlink (Fig.x) to display its Figure in the right pane. Parts used in more than one location are grouped together.

Other Parts Lists

In these specialized lists you can browse, or quickly find parts by their part number, description, or any other key word by pressing Ctrl-F and using your browser's Search function.

Charts & Photo ID

Parts Book Errors

Miscellaneous Info

Parts Labels


To err is human. These lists are presented "as is". That is to say, it is your responsibility to double-check any and all information found here. I am not responsible for any physical or financial damage or inconvenience you might incur as a result of using this information.