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Hermit's 1969 Triumph 650 Parts Lists

These hyperlinked parts lists and illustrations supercede the Triumph Parts List #7. Besides Triumph part and reference numbers, they include size, orientation, torque, and special tool info, as well as notes and corrections to errors in #7.

These databases are published using Hermit's proprietary parts program, whose database is updated periodically.

Frequently-Used Parts Lookups

Scroll the Figures in the left-hand pane, then click on a Figure to display its parts list in the right pane.

Scroll parts list or use Ctrl-F to find a part in the left-hand pane, then click on the part's hyperlink (Fig.x) to display its Figure in the right pane. Parts used in more than one location are grouped together.

Other Parts Lists

In these specialized lists you can browse, or quickly find parts by their part number, description, or any other key word by pressing Ctrl-F and using your browser's Search function.

Miscellaneous Info

  • Triumph Parts Statistics
    How many bolts, nuts, and washers does it take to hold a Bonnie together? Or, how many nipples does she have? Take a guess and then have a look at this list to find out.

  • Triumph Service Tools
    Comprehensive, illustrated lists of special purpose service tools for the classic Triumph Twins. Includes the Triumph Workshop Manual page number where description and use of the tool can be found.

  • Errors and Anomalies
    Errors, mostly in the #7 parts reference. These include incorrect sizes, wrong part numbers, mixed up illustrations, etc.

  • Interchangeable Parts
    For example, this report will show you all the places (9) that 14-0302 plain nuts are used and bring up the Figure for each.

  • Orientations
    Does that bolt go head in or head out? Which front fender stay goes on the outside, the top or the front? Maybe this will help.

  • Torque Settings
    Torque settings for various parts. Listed by part number.

  • Torque Settings
    Torque settings for various parts. Listed by location.

    Parts Labels

  • Parts Labels, (by Part Number)
    Parts labels ordered by numeric part numbers. Parts used in more than one location are grouped together.

  • Parts Labels (by Description)
    Parts labels ordered by part descriptions.
    All circlips get grouped together, as do all nuts, screws, washers, etc.

  • Parts Labels (by Figure and Reference)
    Parts labels ordered by illustrations and reference numbers.
    All parts associated with the same illustration are grouped together.


    To err is human. These lists are presented "as is". That is to say, it is your responsibility to double-check any and all information found here. I am not responsible for any physical or financial damage or inconvenience you might incur as a result of using this information.