Think outside the bottle... drink Tap Water (unless it comes from lead pipes)

Hermit's Humorous Quotes Collection
"Political jokes aren't always funny ... too many of them get elected." Sam Ewing.

Original sinetifik research
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Don't say you've never wondered.

Carrot Bunch World's Best Carrot Cake Recipe
Hermit.cc is a cookie-free web zone, but we do have a fool-proof, crowd-pleasing carrot cake recipe that turns out great every time.

Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead
Ninety-five interesting factoids about Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Trucking like the Doo-dah Man.

Buckminster Fuller on Number 47
Cosmic Random Elements. Let Bucky sweep you away ..

I don't want a pickle...
How I lost and found my Quebec motorcycle driver's license.

Life expectancy of household appliances
Very consuming.

Blackout Christmas
The Great 2013 Hydro Holiday. Just like the old days.

Gluten-Free Zucchini Muffins
Can't unload any more of your surplus zucchinis because all the neighbors have started locking their cars at night? Zucchini muffins to the rescue! These great-tasting muffins are gluten free and have a wonderful moist texture.

Eastern Townships Aftcasts
You can find today's and tomorrow's weather forecasts everywhere, but only Hermit brings you yesterday's weather today - Aftcasts!