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Corrections to Hollow Dowels in RPC #7

The illustrations below correct errors in Replacement Parts Catalogue #7 for the 1969 Triumph 650s. The corrections are described further in the table following the illustrations.

Big thanks go out to Mick for his detailed run-down of these errors in #7.

Ref. & Fig.
PN & Qty
Ref.12 Fig.257-0989
#7 is Correct Timing Cover Oil Feed
Ref.12 Fig.2 (above) and Ref.6 Fig.6 (below) both refer to same hollow dowels.
Ref.6 Fig.657-0989
Qty is (2)
Furthermore, Ref.6 Fig.6 can eliminated because these dowels are correctly illustrated as Ref.12 Fig.2
Timing Cover Oil Feed
Ref.16 Fig.270-1532
PN is 70-8751, Qty is (2)
Barrel locating dowels
Ref.17 Fig.270-3716ERROR
Incorrect location in #7
Hollow Dowel (D/S top rear crankcase bolt
Ref.22 Fig.270-8751
PN is 70-1532, Qty is (1)
Hollow dowel tappet oil feed
Ref.2 Fig.757-0989
#7 is Correct Inner & Outer Gearbox Cover Locators