Summer Projects 2021

Woodshop Porch Posts Replaced

Down to Solid Rock

These 6x6 treated posts are the third set of posts since 1972.
First two sets were cedar posts - hopefully treated posts will last longer!

Sagging 995 Front Porch Repaired

Why are Porches Like Belts? They Buckle

One Down, One to Go

Never Used Those Stairs Anyway..

Old Houses!

Farmer Footings!

Level and Plumb - Waiting for New Lattice and Paint

Support for Eating Nook Upgraded

Out With the Wooden Posts (two sets since '93)

In With the Concrete Blocks

Batter (Boards) Up!

Let's See the Big Bad Wolf Huff and Puff and Blow This Wall Down!

Eating Nook Window Replaced

Sash Window Removed and Rough Opening Framed for Thermopane Picture Window

All the Better to Keep a Watchful Eye on the Blueberries!

Awaiting Lattice Work

Back Stairs Replaced

New Stairs After Removal of Old Deck

Old Hermitage Front Porch Demolished and Replaced

Old Porch Demolition

The Double Crooked Bar-H Rennovation Ranch

New Platform Joists

New Front Porch Framing Nearing Completion



Wrapped and Strapped

October 1, windows installed, but still waiting on door.
Siding a no-show until next Spring!

Meanwhile, Back at the Pond..

Keeping pond empty with pump while waiting for excavator

Initial work by swing shovel

Mud wrestling anyone?

Cleaning "Finished"

Drain Exposed

Two days after excavation a downpour filled the pond to within 1-1/2" of being full!

Some of the silt will be used to expand the blueberry patch

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