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Comprehensive Triumph 650 Special Tool List

A comphrehensive list of Triumph special tools covering all phases of repair and maintenance. Included are references to pertinent pages and figures in the Triumph Workshop Manual, as well as hyperlinks to photos of many of the tools.

Adjuster, clutch pressure plate springs
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.C6 ref. Fig. C5

60-2108:D496 Adjuster, primary chain tensioner
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.C3 ref. Fig. C3

Adjuster, shock absorber spring
WS MANUAL 63-70 Fig. T16  (1)
  ¹ Adjust static spring loading
  ² WS Manual page D7

Adjuster, valve clearance
Fig. T17

Z13 Clutch locking tool
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.C8 ref. Fig. C8B
  ¹ Proprietary. Locks clutch basket for clutch nut removal

Clutch nut socket
1 11/16" x 1/2" drive
Fig. P_1  (1)
  ¹ Proprietary. For removing clutch nut

97-072:Z22 Compressor, rings
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B20 ref. Fig. B20

60-2221:D2221 Compressor, rocker spindle oil seals
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B8 ref. Fig. B8

Compressor, valve springs
Fig. T02

Crimper, bullet connectors
Fig. BC1

Crimper, gas line ferrule
Fig. T15  (1)

Z79 Drift, refitting crankshaft pinion (w.adaptor)
Tubular drift with guide
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B31 ref.

61-6008 Drift, refitting tappet guide blocks
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B22 ref. Fig. B22

Z137 Drift, removal of earlier model dust excluder oil seal
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G10 ref. Fig. G10

Z15 Drift, removal of high gear bearing
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.D9 ref.

Z169 Drift, removal of stanchion tubes from center lug
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G4 ref. Fig. G3
  ¹ Use Z19 for engines before DU.68363

Z14 Drift, removal of TS ball journal bearing from crankcase
Mild steel: 1 1/4"x6" with 1 1/8"x1/2" shoulder
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B40 ref.  (1)
  ¹ For removing bearing S35-7

61-6013 Drift, removal of valve guides
5"X1/2" mild steel machined to 5/16" dia.X 1" at one end
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B17 ref. Valve guides

Extractor, alternator rotor
Fig. T14  (1)
  ¹ Generic wheel puller

60-0782:D782 Extractor, auto-advance
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B26 ref.
  ¹ Use D484 on engines up to DU66245
  ² Bonnie's Auto-Advance unit came out easily without a tool

B289 Extractor, cam wheel

60-1861:D662/3 Extractor, clutch center
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.C8 ref. Fig. C8
  ¹ D662/3 on WSMan p.C8, and D1861 on p.J6

61-6019:B276 Extractor, crankshaft pinion
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B31 ref. Fig. B30

Z162 Extractor, DS roller main bearing outer race from crankcase
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B40 ref.

Z151 Extractor, engine sprocket
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.C8 ref. Fig. C9
  ¹ Removes engine sprocket E5446

61-6046 Extractor, parting crankcase halves
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B35 ref. Fig. B35
  ¹ Three #'s: Page B35:61-064; Fig B35:61-6046; Page J5:61-6014

Z127 Extractor, stanchion tubes
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G6 Fig.G6
  ¹ Usually needed only for hardcore cases

Z121 Extractor, timing pinion extractor

Z72 Extractor, wrist pin
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B23 ref. Fig. B19

60-2213:D2213 Extractor/replacer, camshaft pinion (w.adaptors)
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B31 ref. Fig. B31

Guage, thread
Fig. T08

61-7022:D571/2 Locating tool, top dead center
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B28A ref. Fig. B24
  ¹ Pre-'69 use Waldridge 60-0571/2

Z161/Z170 Puller, stanchion tubes
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G10 ref. Fig. G10
  ¹ Z161 for C.E.I. threads, Z170 for U.N.F.
A kit with assortment of lugs to fit a variety of stanchions is often sold as 61-3824.
Pull stanchion tubes up to top of top lug.

Z46 Reamer, mainshaft high gear bush
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.D9 ref.

D486 Tapered adaptor pilot (timing cover replacement)
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B29 ref.

D1832 Valve seat cutter exhaust (45deg)
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B18 ref.

D1833 Valve seat cutter inlet (45deg)
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B18 ref.

D1834 Valve seat cutter, blending (spherical form)
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B18 ref.

D1863 Valve seat cutters, arbor and pilot
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.B18 ref.

BS sockets, 3/8" drive set

BS wrenches, 6-piece combination set

BS wrenches, 6-piece open-end set

61-6017:D527 Wrench, fork dust excluder sleeve nut
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G6 ref. Fig. T07
  ¹ Use D220 for earlier models

D1815 Wrench, front brake anchor plate spindle nut
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.F5 ref.

Z63 Wrench, gearbox sprocket nut
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.D8 ref. Fig. D7

60-0779:D779 Wrench, stanchion tube cap nuts
WS MANUAL 63-70 P.G3 ref. Fig. T18
  ¹ D220 before DU.68363

61-3694:Z76 Wrench, wheel bearing retaining ring
P.F7 ref. Fig. T10
  ¹ Fits front and back wheel retaining rings