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Collage of several special purpose Triumph motorcycle tools

Triumph 650 Special Tools Illustrated

Use the Right Tool

If you're planning to do practically any work at all on a classic Triumph motorcycle, you'll need a special set of wrenches. Not Whitworth, as commonly thought, but British Standard (BS) wrenches. A few common jobs, like adjusting primary chain tension and the clutch pressure plates require specialized tools which are simple and inexpensive.

Some specialized tools can be easily fabricated even in a very basic shop: the extraordinarily useful clutch-locking tool is an excellent example.

Other specialized tools can be acquired as the needs arise. Still more tools can be acquired while contemplating future work. Aren't tools wonderful?

Using the correct special tool makes a job easier, less frustrating, and avoids damaging the precious motorbike. Or yourself. (ouch!) Take it from someone who's disassembled and re-assembled the Bonnie's front forks with and without the specialized tools.

Two Tool Lists for You

Common Triumph 650 Special Tool List
These special tools are useful for working on the Triumph 650 engine, transmission/clutch, gearbox, brakes, and suspension. Tools are illustrated with photos and Triumph part numbers are included if available.

Note that if the crankcase will be split and the crankshaft removed, a few other tools are required.

Comprehensive Triumph 650 Special Tool List
This is a comphrehensive list of Triumph special tools that cover all phases of repair and maintenance. It includes references to pertinent pages and figures in the Triumph Workshop Manual and hyperlinks to all the photos from the first list.