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"Me and My Bike"

This is the story of Hans Muller and the loving restoration of his BSA WDM20.
For more photos, and Hans' collection of tips, tricks and technical info
Hans Muller's 1942 BSA WDM20 Restoration


Hans Muller, 1933 vintage, retired civil engineer. Specialized in tropical road engineering and maintenance, and that job took me to many of the 22 countries where I have lived and/or worked.

Now married for 44 years, two beautiful (of course...) daughters, two grandchildren who are unfortunately still too young to really appreciate.

My Bike

A 1942 BSA WDM20 that arrived in the Netherlands in a container with scrap from an army museum in Egypt. It took me 6 years to restore her; I did most of the work myself, only boring the cylinder and installing the 3rd oversize piston and rings, and overhauling the Magdyno were done by specialized firms.

Most parts are original or NOS; the pannier carrier frame, the pannier carriers and the black out mask are well made repros, but recently I found two original pannier carriers.


The "Polar Bear" on the petrol tank is a reminder of the arrival of a "Polar Bear" recce unit in Amsterdam on the 7th of May 1945; they entered the city at the river Amstel crossing "Berlage brug", and I was there as a 12 year old boy.

Sixty years later, I entered Amsterdam on this bike, during the commemoration of our Liberation, in a military vehicle parade with many veterans of the Polar Bears and the 49th West Riding Division. It was a very moving experience to say the least....

I also attended the Normandy Invasion Commemoration in 2004, together with hundreds and hundreds other Allied military vehicles; on the early morning of June 6th we were at Omaha Beach, to pay our respects to those who did not survive.

But I fear that this will be my last bike-riding year; age is taking its toll, but I hope my children will continue the tradition of riding the bike, especially during our National Liberation Day on May 5th every year!


May 2007

Hans Muller's 1942 BSA WDM20 Restoration