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British Motorcycle Book Sources

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British Motorcycle Book List

General Interest

Hopwood, Bert. Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry?"

Irving, Phil. Phil Irving, an Autobiography".

Ixion. Motorcycle cavalcade: The history of the Motor Cycle 1884-1950.

Nicholson, J. B. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, Seventh Edition. 1974.

Radco (Frank Farrington). The Vintage Motorcyclist's Workshop. 1986. 247pp Photos, drawings.

Staff, "The Motor Cycle". Hints and Tips for Motor Cyclists. 1954.

Torrens. The Motorcyclist's Workshop, Sixth Edition. 1954. ILLIFE & Sons Ltd, Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, SE1

Triumph Motorcycle Books

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated Motorcycle Legends

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated Triumph Buyer's Guide

Bacon, Roy. Triumph Bonneville T120 1959-74.

Bacon, Roy. Triumph Twins Restoration

Bird, Richard. Triumph Bonneville

Gaylin, David. Triumph in America

Gaylin, David. Triumph Motorcycle Restoration Guide - Bonneville & TR6 1956-1983

Gaylin, David. Triumph Racing

GT Foulis & Company. Triumph Tiger 100 and Daytona November 1988. reprinted 1991 and 1998 (Haynes Publishing)

Hancox, Hughie. Tales of Triumph Motorcycles & the Meriden Factory. Dorset: Veloce, 1996. ISBN: 1-901295-67-2

Hancox, Hughie. Unit 650 Rebuild

Hazeldine, Paul. Triumph Bonneville Year by Year

Kane, Gerard. Original Triumph Bonneville - Restorer's Guide 1959-1983

Nelson, John. Triumph Bonneville - Super Profile

Nelson, John. Bonnie, the Development History of the Triumph Bonneville

Nicholson, J. B. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, Seventh Edition. 1974

Remus, Tim. Triumph Bonneville and TR6

Shelton, Stan. Triumph Tuning

Woolridge, Harry. Triumph Trophy Bible

Wilson, Steve. Triumph Motorcycles from 1950 -1988

Wilson, Steve. Triumph T120/T140 Bonneville. Sparkford: Hanyes Publishing, 2000. ISBN 1-85960-679-2

BSA Motorcycle Books

Bacon, Roy. BSA Twins and Triples: The Postwar A7/A10, A50/A65, and Rocket III

Osprey, 1980.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Gold Star and Other Singles. Osprey, 1982.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Twin Restoration. Osprey, 1986.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Singles Restoration. Osprey, 1988.

Bacon, Roy. BSA A7/A10 Twins: All Models, 1946-1963. Niton, 1989.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Bantam: All Models. Niton, 1989

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated BSA Buyer's Guide. Niton, 1990

Bacon, Roy. BSA Unit Singles: C15 to B50, 1958-1973. Niton, 1990

Bacon, Roy. BSA A50/A65 Twins: All Models, 1962-1972. Niton, 1990

Bacon, Roy. BSA Pre-Unit Singles: B,C, and M ranges. Niton, 1991

Bacon, Roy. BSA Rocket 3 & Triumph Trident 1968-1976. Niton, 1991

Clark, R.M., ed. BSA Twins A7 & A10 Gold Portfolio 1946-1962. Brooklands, c1996

Clark, R.M., ed. BSA Twins, A50 & A65 Gold Portfolio 1962-1973. Brooklands, c1996

Clew, Jeff. BSA Bantam Super Profile. Haynes, 1983

Cycle World on BSA 1962-1971. Brooklands, 1987

Falco, Charles. The Gold Star Buyer's Companion. Pacific, 1996

Gardner, John. BSA Goldstar Super Profile. Haynes, 1985

Golland, A. Goldie: The Development History of the Gold Star BSA. Haynes, 1978

Holliday, Bob. Story of BSA Motorcycles. Patr.Stephens, 1978

Main-Smith, Bruce. The Gold Star Book. Main-Smith, 1974

Morley, Don. Classic Motorcycles: BSA. Osprey, 1991

Parkhurst, Joe. Hurricane Named Vetter, A: The Story of the Last BSA Motorcycle. Vetter, 1978

Ratio, Rupert (aka Barry Ryerson). BSA Unit Singles Engine Manual

Ryerson, Barry. Giants of Small Heath: The History of BSA. Haynes, 1980

Vanhouse, Norman. BSA Competition History. Haynes, 1986

Wright, Owen. BSA M20 & M21 Super Profile. Haynes, 1955

Wright, Owen. BSA A7 & A10 Twins Super Profile. Haynes, 1984

Wright, Owen. BSA: The Complete Story. Crowood, 1992