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Triumph Service Bulletin #70-2P
Corrections to RPC {99-0903} 1970~PART 1 650 US

SB #70-2P lists 152 changes to Replacement Parts Catalogue 99-0903, 1970~PART 1 650 US, but 1970 650 Triumph owners wanting to extract useful info directly from this service bulletin face an arduous and time-consuming task. A detailed study of TSB #70-2P showed that over half of the corrections are obsolete, inconsequential, or contain errors themselves.

The TED entries for TSB #70-2P represent over 60 hours of research. By providing additional context for corrections, TED offers a more effective way of parsing #70-2P. In addition, TED separates the wheat from the chaff by cross-referencing all part numbers with three different vendor databases (Baxter, Bonneville Shop, and Classic British Spares).

Errors in the TSB are noted of course, and where obsolete part numbers were found, alternate numbers have been provided whenever possible.

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