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Dedicated to the adoration, maintenance, and repair of the iconic 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R. Bonnie's Back Pages is your top-level access to the many late-sixties Triumph motorcycle articles, features, and technical specifications, including The Bonnie Ref - a cornucopia of illustrated, hyperlinked, and indexed maintenance and repair info - Are You Ready!

More than 120 original articles on computer networking, database management, DOS, MS-Windows, application software, hardware, and more. Based on over twenty years of teaching as well as programming, networking, and consulting business experience. Insightful perspectives on common applications and their interoperability, with an emphasis on moving and transforming everyday data.

Chronicling TQM-TCPLs' natural gas pipeline project in Quebec's Eastern Townships. Thirty landowners pitted against the pipeline industry forced an historic first-ever pipeline Detailed Route Hearing before NEB, Canada's National Energy Board. Result? In the end, TQM blew up its pipeline and went bankrupt, while TCPL (now TCE) and NEB (now CER) were humiliated so badly they both changed their names.

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Divertissments Without Advertisements - a potpourri of humour and arcane but also completely not indispensable information. Some carpenter capers, the Hermit collection of humorous quotes, a recipe for the World's Best Carrot Cake, and more.

After years of living in an old stump, Hermit constructed himself a cozy little cabin in the woods. Then, before you knew it, ten years went by and Hermit got electricity, running water, and even a telephone! Followed by family and more plumbing fixtures another ten years later. The story's told here in black and white and living color - along with photos of travel, dragons, furry critters, rennovations, natural disasters, and lots more.