Waving hand

Aron Travis

Hi, I'm a waver!

I'm a waver. I wave to all bikes, mopeds too.

Since I ride to work on a regular schedule, I tend to see the same cars, bicyclists, joggers, and walkers on my route. Because (I think) gas prices are high again, I'm seeing motorcyclists more regularly as well.

There are three other motorcyclists that I see at least once a week that don't wave back, hence I have started a campaign.

The first is 'The Scowling Pirate', a Harley dude with the full regalia and rather feminine hoop earrings (no helmet of course). I'm riding my squid bike, with graphics-heavy helmet and equally loud jacket, so he tends to maximize his glaring scowl when we pass. I've adopted the technique of waving drunken fey retard to him: one of those hand-flapping "YOOOOHOOOO" type of waves.

The second is 'Pinhead'. I'd really would like to meet this guy, I guess I'd have to follow him home. He's on one of those big mopeds: dual headlights, seat big enough for two, actually can keep up with traffic. His moped is painted a day glow Kawasaki green, while he has the full gloss black leather outfit: gloves, jacket, pants, and boots. Top off with huge glossy black bubble helmet and perfectly straight and erect riding posture. It's a weird cartoon goth image, like Nosferatu on a pogo stick. I figure being a moped guy he's excused for not waving, but he does swivel that massive orb of a cranium protector in my direction when I wave. I give him a snappy two finger pointing type of wave, like a white belt and shoes "Nice putt Tad!" type of flick.

Third is "Gramps". Full blown Goldwing amusement park ride: half helmet with integrated microphone, arm rests for passenger, etc., etc. We go in the same direction, but I usually pass him (squid bike, remember). He's a foot dragger Gramps is: flat feet dragging on the ground approaching every stop, and then a toe drag to 15mph on pulling away. This guy must own a shoe store, or a least keeps one in business. Gramps seems concerned when I wave to him, like I'm trying to alert him to an impending danger, or at least goading for a street race. He sometimes does a little swerve when I wave, like I've startled him. So I don't wave at him any more, but I do bark very loudly when I pass him within earshot.

Aron Travis
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14 April 2005
Used with permission