Saturday December 2 2006

Border Hoops

Paul's first basketball game at three in the afternoon. His thumb is kind of newly "ok" after he jammed it last Monday at BB practice. It was quite swollen and black and blue but he says it's still tender, but ok.

As several of the opponent's milled around just in front of Paul and I sitting on a bench watching the exciting conclusion of the game before ours, Paul remarked how "The Little Giants" were actually kind of diminuitive. I joked about their star member showing up and ducking down to get through the gym doorway. Little did I know!

Warmups commenced and the Little Giants produced their secret weapon: a giant! Number 1 must be six feet tall. A parent from their team said he was a sixth grader who'd been held back for a year. He looked, erm, quite mature. If I was a ref I'd have asked to see his driver's liscence.

Number 1 was a decided factor in Paul's Intimidators going down 24 - 10 (half-time 16-4). He pulled down the rebounds without even jumping!

But obviously a good sport and not star-struck whatsoever. He didn't use his advantages gratuitously and he played a real team-game.

Uncharacteristicly, Paul took quite a few shots. Not that he didn't pass, but he did try 4 breakawy or driving layups and at least 3 setshots. Only made one altogether, but his form on the layups was impeccable and they almost made it in - not his usual banging it off the backboard. A couple of setshots from the side were pretty desperate and missed hoop altogether. He got stuffed by the Giant once and totally shut down by him on a drive.

Crossing the court after the game he was visibly upset at having lost the first game. In the car he railed a bit about how tall Number 1 was and what he could do and then he was ok.