Friday November 24 2006

When Wet

Fitch Bay

Pre-flight maintenance

  • Tightened bolts
  • Changed oil (quickie)
  • Adjusted and aligned rear tire

Magog, Dave's, Georgeville, Fitch Bay, Derril, Tomofobia, Amy, Vallieres.

Very exciting conditions on today's thawing gravel roads!

Going out I decided to take the right shoulder because it looked less muddy there and for some reason the loose gravel looked reassuring.

Mistake! The shoulders turned out to be where the jellied thaw slime was apt to be the thickest.

I was ok at first, but soon went into a slide which began so suddenly that my right leg went flying off the foot peg and shot up into the air. This pushed my torso back and as I instinctively tightened my purchase on the twist grip, I applied a good blast of throttle. To my surprise the acceleration straightened out my skid and headed me right towards the wetter, muddier, but firmer center of the road.

Bonnie and I were both good and spattered by the time we arrived home. I hosed Bonnie down and applied a bucket of warm soapy water in the front yard.