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Thursday, January 21, 1999

TQM has recently been busy digging up stretches of their pipeline.

Curiously, much of the activity is taking place on properties of landowners who took the company to a detailed route hearing last July.

Why was TQM digging up their brand-new pipeline only a matter of a few months after burying it?

A TQM representative told me that, in the case next to our property, a section of the pipe descending the Bunker Hill escarpment on our neighbor's land was resting on a rock and had been crushed out of round to an oval shape by all the rock that they piled on top of it.

On the Job Training

One evening last summer during construction, not far from there I observed a place on our property where the pipe was resting right on rock. I brought it to the attention of TQM's on-site safety inspector and he told me "Don't worry, Bruce. They'll take care of it".

By the time I arrived early the next morning the inspector was no where in sight and the pipe had already been buried.

The TQM 'safety inspector'? I knew him well, he was a carpenter before TQM trained him just ahead of their project.

He probably made good bucks, but I find it difficult to have great confidence in these people.

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