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Another One Rides the Bus

Couldn't help but notice that some time ago the National Energy Board removed pipeline incident statistics from their website.

The pipeline industry and regulators (hard to tell the difference sometimes) like telling us how safe pipelines are. 7/24 monitoring and technology that (theoretically) shuts down a pipeline once a breach occurs are supposed to keep us all nice and safe. But the fact is that incidents occur regularly, and very often the cool technology fails, allowing spills to go undetected for hours, days, or even weeks.

After the stats disappeared from their website I requested that NEB send them to me. What they sent was a dog's breakfast of unrelated MS-Excel spreadsheets. Apparently NEB doesn't have any competent spreadsheet jockeys, let alone database gurus.

Hey NEB - I'm sure one of my community college IT students would be glad to explain for you how to set up a database .

NEB's pipeline safety statistics DEAD LINK

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