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Index to Hermit's database articles covering the basics of database management (DBMS) and database design, including concepts and terminology, and database design case studies.

Database design case studies include club membership, medical clinic, mail order invoicing, Adult Ed center, boat rental reservations, boat rental with billing, dairy milking services, social security contributions, marketing data, and magazine subscriptions.

Case studies include hyperlinked graphics that clearly illustrate each design's fields, tables, key fields, and relationships.

Database Index

Relational Database

Introduction to Database Concepts
Defines DBMS and gives examples of common applications. Defines and describes DBMS terminology, including fields, records, and tables. Discusses the principles of relational databases and gives illustrated examples of one-to-many and many-to-many relations and the role played by primary and foreign keys.

Rationalizing Database Structures
Covers the basic principles of relational databases and presents four rules and three tests to achieve a robust, fully-relational database model for any application.

Math, Comparison, and Logical Operator Symbols
Covers operation symbols used for math, string manipulation, logic, and comparison expressions. Includes order of precedence and truth table.

Introduction to MS-Access
A quick review of basic database terms such as table, record, field, etc and an overview of the MS-Access DBMS. Describes the MS-Access program window as well as the purpose and characteristics of the common MS-Access database objects, including queries, forms, and reports.

Database Management Systems
Provides a list of database management systems which have been available on the personal computer over the years.

Database Design Case Studies

Index to Case Studies
These relational database case studies explain the principles of database design and illustrate fields, tables, relationships, and keys for eight different database applications.