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Relational database design explained and illustrated in 8 Case Studies.

Relational Database Design Case Studies

Here are eight case studies in relational database design. Each case includes a complete explanation and illustrations of fields, tables, key fields, and relationships.

Case 1:   MC Club Membership (2 tables)

Case 2:   Social Security Contributions (3 tables)

Case 3:   Breakfast Cereal Marketing Research (3 tables)

Case 4:   Boat Rental Reservations (3 tables/4 tables)

Case 5:   Mail Order Invoicing (4 tables)

Case 6:   Magazine Subscriptions (4 tables)

Case 7:   Clinics (4 tables)

Case 8 Part A:   Adult Education Center (3 tables)

Case 8 Part B:   Adult Education Center (5 tables)