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Unit 650cc Triumph Overhaul Manual Table of Contents

Table of contents of instructions for dismantling and assembling the "B" Range 650cc Unit Construction Triumph Motorcycle Engine


Dismantling the Engine

Triumph Tools Needed for Complete Overhaul

Engine Changes Relating to Major Engine Work

General Instructions

Cylinder Head, Remove & Inspect

Transmission, Remove & Inspect

Gearbox, Remove & Inspect

Timing Chest, Remove & Inspect

Cylinder Barrels and Pistons, Remove & Inspect

Separating Crankcase Assembly

Assemblling the Engine

Engine Sub-Assemblies

Crankcase, Connecting Rods and Flywheel

Oil Pump

Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Cylinder Head

Pistons, Pins, Rods, Cylinder Barrel

Engine Assembly

Countershaft Sprocket/Mainshaft High Gear Assembly

Crankcase Halves

Timing Side Assembly

Gearbox Assembly

Transmission Assembly

Piston and Cylinder Barrel Assembly

Ignition Timing

Cylinder Head Installation

Rockerbox Installation

Final Assembly Steps


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