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Friday, December 4th, 1998

CBC Radio announced this morning that those living near the TQM PNTGS Extension natural gas pipeline may hear some strange noises over the next few days. According to the CBC story, having completed its pipeline, TQM will begin pressurizing it and the noise of air escaping from valves at six locations along the route will sound like a jet plane and last for up to twenty minutes. Residents of our region will probably be treated to such bucolic sounds at least once a year.

Welcome to the world of pipeline noise.

It began with more than three months of construction noise, six to seven days a week. The din will resume in the Spring of '99 when heavy machinery returns to "restore" the right-of-way.

The whole process will be repeated whenever there are problems with the pipeline.

Now add in the nuisance noise from motorized vehicles using the pipeline right-of-way as a playground.

And let us not forget the weekly fly-overs by the TQM helicopter. Did you ever stop to consider that the low-flying helicopter flights are in both directions?

Make mine a double, I've got the Pipeline Blues.

How about you? Do you have the Pipeline Blues? Confesson is good for the soul. Misery loves company.

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