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Pipelines and Privacy

Sunday, January 31, 1999

During the four months which have elapsed since TQM created a pipeline right-of- way across our land we have had unwanted visits from:

To date no snowmobiles have come on our land but I suspect it is only a matter of time before they do. Please prove me wrong and gain my respect all you snowmobilers!

ATV's are the worst offenders. They have not been content to restrict themselves to the right-of-way: they head off into our maple forest, snapping off brittle sugar maple saplings that took more than twenty years to acheive a diameter of one-and-a-half inches. And they think nothing of cruising past our house and using our 2,000-foot driveway as an exit after they've gotten their thrill on the hill-climb created by the TQM pipeline route.

Our 76-acre property is totally secluded: we have no road frontage and we are surrounded for the most part by undeveloped land. In the twenty-six years I have lived here year-round I have only ever been aware of one incursion by an ATV prior to the construction of the TQM right-of-way.

In effect, my family used to enjoy total privacy and security in our safe haven: rare commodities in today's North American society. We never took those things for granted, we celebrated them every day. Now they are as fragile as a sheet of late-September ice: capable of being unexpectedly shattered at any moment.

Paradise lost.

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