Vermont Green Mountains

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The Gaps

Appalachian Gap (2356)

  • Molly Stark Mountain

    From the east, Route 17 from Irasville just south of Waitsfield on 100, to South Starksboro (about 3 1/2 miles north and east of Bristol

    Lincoln Gap (2424)

    Lincoln Gap Road, from Lincoln to Route 100 just south of Warren

    Middlebury Gap (2149)

    Texas Falls on Hancock Branch from Kirby Peak (3120)

    Texas Falls Road, north side of Route 125 between Hancock and the Gap)

    From east to west: Route 125 from Hancock on Route 100 west through Ripton to Middlebury

    Next Time

    From Ripton on 125, take Natural Turnpike and then Steam Mill Road which returns to 125 about 15 miles east of Ripton and about 1 mile west of Bread Loaf.

    Brandon Gap (2170)

    Between Goshen Mountain (3292) and Mt. Horrid (3216)

    Brandon Mountain Road (73) between Brandon in the west and Route 100 in the east, 1/2 way between Rochester and Talcville

    Next Time

    From Route 100 just south of Granville Notch, take North Hollow Road (south) . If followed all the way to the end, N Hollow turns into Buffalo Farm Road which goes (west) right back to Route 100.


    Post Office Hill Road, and Maston Hill Road will also return to 100 sooner.

    Also of possble interest a little further south of North Hollow Road: Quarry Hill Road (runs north and east) just north of Rochester on Route 100. (Quarry Hill does run into a North Hollow Road, but not the same one as above).