Wednesday November 12 2014

Ahead of Showers
47 minutes
10C Overcast

Weather Network said "showers", CBC said "rain".

There was light in the east when I got up and still no precipitation. After starting a fire in the cook stove and making a quick breakfast I decided that it would be better to have a ride sooner than later.

Left the Castle at the stroke of eight.

The Gravel was moist but ok so I went down the Under Bunker to Fitch Bay the Bay, through Fitch Bay the Witch, and over to Georgeville.

Dark clouds were squeezing the light out of the sky by the time I got to G'ville and without stopping I continued on to the East road and looped homeward.

When I reached Fitch Bay it was beginning to look as though night was falling and the clouds were spitting on us all the way home.

Arrived back at 8:47.

Now at 9:30 it's been "showering" steadily for the past half-hour; light steady rain, not straight down, blowing from the southwest.

But even while it rains, the skies are getting brighter. Pretty sure I'll have a chance to pull up the carrots and beets as planned. Cold room's around 42-44F.