Travels with Bonnie
Thousand Islands New York

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My brother Greg and I spent all the summers of our youth on Murray Isle on the St. Lawrence River: half-way between Clayton NY and Gananaque ON in the Thousand Islands.

Although the cottage left the family in the 70s, Greg still spends at least a couple weeks every year fishing in the Islands, staying at his friend Guy's island paradise, Shady Nook.

I rode over this Fall on the Bonnie and met up with Greg and his most congenial fishing buddies for a couple of days. The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for another sentimental journey to Murray Isle and The Birches.

So here are the pics: 11 of my trip across Northern Vermont, Grand Isle, and upstate New York; 8 shots taken out in the US channel of the St. Lawrence around Alexandria Bay; 42 photos of Murray Isle, mostly on the western side, including pics of The Birches, the old family summer cottage.

Oh. A final parting shot of the motley crew hanging out at the Shady Nook.

Route West

Rt 105
Richford 50mi 9:40am
Rt 105
Enosburg 62mi 9:58
Rt 105
St Albans 10:25 /Tims Diner shivering!/ 11:10
Rt 7 South
Rt 2 North (Roosevelt Highway)
Grand Isle 104mi
Rt 314 (Ferry Road)
Ferry 112mi /NY Side 12:20pm
Rt 314 New York
I87 South
Rt 22 North
Hemmingford Rd 137mi 1pm
Rt 11 West
Malone NY 177mi 2:15
Rt 37 West
Ogdensburg 4pm 250mi /Food Depart 4:35pm
Rt 37 West
Rt 12 West
Alexandria Bay 295mi (approx)