Monday November 4 2013

Speed Chills!

Worked in the woods all morning and went for a ride in mid-afternoon.

First few kicks the Bonnie exploded and died. More kicks. Nothing. Now, if the Bonnie doesn't start after 4 or 5 kicks, it generally means there's something radically wrong and she's not going anywhere until the problem's corrected.

I was ready to wheel her back into the shop when I remembered that I'd washed her two days before. I rightly guessed that there was condensation on the points due to the poor condition of the points cover gasket.

I jump started her down the hill and cruised a mile down the gravel in first gear to get her good and warm. That was enough to burn off the condensation and she was good to go!

I had bundled myself up real well - three layers below the waist and four layers under my riding jacket. But, forgot to put on the balaclava. As a result, my throat and face were cold even though the rest of me was more than warm enough. After picking up the mail and fueling up I decided to head back home.