Friday June 29 2007


The Day

Sunny and cool with lots of interesting clouds.

The Route

Mostly gravel roads down to Lakes Seymour and Willoughby and back.

From the border: Holland Hill, Nelson Hill, Bates Hill, and then Lackey and Mead Hill down to Morgan - gravel still in pretty rough shape here.

After a picnic table lunch on Lake Seymour I took the Morgan Charleston road past Echo Lake and then stopped and spent a sunny and warm interlude walking about the delightful Hillside Cemetery. This will become a regular stop when I'm in this neighborhood!

Just down Church Hill Road from Hillside to Route 105 and downtown East Charleston.

From East Charleston, headed east on Route 105 as far as Hudson Road where I connected to Westmore and Hinton Hill roads.

Down Hinton Hill with its fabulous view of the northern end of Lake Willoughby and surrounding mountains. From Westmore the obligatory quick blast to the southern end of Lake Willoughby before returning to Derby Line and Stanstead via West Charleston and Derby Center (routes 5A and 105).

Took Hackett out of Stanstead, to LaFlamme, Amy, Brown's Hill, and finally Ayer's Cliff.


Three of the many charming cemeteries along this route: