Friday December 15 2006

Compton, St. Edwidge, Coaticook

Temperature stayed above freezing all night so a lot of the ice on the driveway was gone by this morning.

Getting down the driveway was pretty hairy, and the Gravel was mighty treacherous, being ice covered with sandy mud.

I decided against going around Memphremagog because there were lots of dark clouds off towards Magog and by now I know what that means.

Towards the East the skies were brighter so I decided to take the Massawippi road from Ayer's Cliff over to Massawippi and then to Hatley and Compton.

Smooth asphalt all the way after Hatley, and that really gorgeous descent from the Compton orchards with everything east layed out in panorama.

Gone this way a couple of times and always took ?? towards Coaticook when I reached Compton. This time, instead, I took ?? towards Moes River.

More smooth asphalt to Moes River and St. Edwidge.

At St. Edwidge I passed up the chance to wing up to St. Malo and continued looping around on ?? to Coaticook.

There was less sand on the road between Compton and Coaticook and the road was dryer. The air was also colder, but the sun kept making guest appearances far and near through holes in the clouds.

Closer to home the roads were quite wet and that along with the nightmarish condition of The Gravel pretty well trashed both Bonnie and I from the knees down.

My ankles were pretty much frozen around mile 30 due to being wet and speeds around 60 - speed chills! When I got home my knees and thighs were some pretty interesting colors of red, purple, and blue.

Environment Canada's forecast called for 7C high and forty-percent chance of showers, but CBC's forecast put more emphasis on showers.