Tractor Cuts Gasoline Line
Associated Press
17 April, 2002

EDGEWOOD, Iowa (AP) - A farmer laying drainage tiles in a field tore into a pipeline with a tile knife Wednesday, spilling 6,000 gallons of low-octane gasoline.

An Amoco BP spokeswoman said almost all of the fuel had been vacuumed up by early evening.

The gasoline did not reach any streams or waterways and dams were built around the spill, said Ross Harrison of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The impact on ground water was not known.

The field was at least 4 miles away from Edgewood, a town of 920 people in northeast Iowa.

Authorities were planning to stay at the site until the tile knife _ a large slicer attached to a tractor _ was removed from the pipe.

The pipeline carries gasoline from Whiting, Ind., to a terminal in Spring Valley, Minn.

No service disruptions were expected.

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