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How Safe is Natural Gas? Really.

During the PNGTS Extension project hearings, Gaz Metropolitain placed a half-page ad in the June 6th edition of the Montreal Gazette. The ad asked:

"How Safe is Natural Gas?"

Then the ad conveniently provided us with the answer

"Natural gas is very safe"

Just afterwards, on June 10th, a natural gas accident in Old Montreal left three dead.

A Montreal Gazette article about the accident catalogued ten more natural gas accidents in the Montreal area since 1965.

So, in thirty-three years: eleven accidents, fifty-six fatalities; over seventy-five injuries; and hundreds left homeless. Just in Montreal.

Gaz Metropolitain spokesperson René Bolté confirmed that Gaz Met experiences more than 500 gas leaks per year similar to the one that caused the Old Montreal explosion.

Is Natural Gas "Very Safe?"

Your call...

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