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An Ugly Possibility

Landowners and local politicians of the Memphremagog MRC have expressed many serious and legitimate concerns about the proposed TQM PNGTS Extension project in their territory. While most of us are reasonably confident that the "powers that be" will rightfully respect and heed our concerns during their decision- making processes, the possibility of the project being approved and constructed against our individual and collective wills should be acknowledged.

While contemplating the unthinkable, keep in mind that this project is proposed by a private company for private gains (it is not a public utility) and consider the following:

These are the facts:

My dictionary (Webster's New Twentieth Century) offers the following definition of rape: "something taken or seized and carried away by force."

No means no. To those who would take away from us and our families our personal security and the quality of our environment we say, you will have to do so by force: the force of law.

And we say also to you that we will not take it laying down: we will kick, scratch, bite, punch, and gouge.

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