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TQM's PNGTS Extension Volumes Down

April 4, 2000

Latest figures from the Canadian National Energy Board (December 1999) show that TQM managed to ship only 60% of their authorized volume of gas on the PNGTS Extension during the period covered.

Accordingly, things are not going so well for stakeholders of the PNGTS Extension.

Recall that it was the seperatist Bouchard Quebec provincial government that fell all over itself to get this project on the road - putting in the fix here, issuing a cabinet decree there.

Former CEO of Gaz Metropolitain, now CEO of Hydro Quebec, Caille's dream of making Quebec the "energy hub of North America" was simply irresistable to Bouchard's gang.

And of course the National Energy Board, whose job it is supposed to be to see that projects like these are actually

  1. economically viable
  2. acceptable environmentally
(in that order, or course), did the "right thing" and gave them the big green light.

Now the US's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has published figures which confirm what we told everyone who'd listen (or should I say wouldn't listen) at all the bloody hearings: New England doesn't need Western Canadian natural gas when it can get Eastern Canadian natural gas which is five-and-a-half times closer.

The most recent Vermonters for a Clean Environment Weekly Energy News update reports that

Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.

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