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TQM Spin doctors up to the same old tricks

Since the very beginning of the publication of Pipeline Blues we have known that TQM, its public relations firm Forum Communications, and Janin have been among its most avid and faithful readers.

What we did not realize until recently was just how much it influences them! Last week when we said "Send your letters today!", Forum Communications snapped to attention and favored the landowners with a "newsletter" which purports to update us on the status of TQM's proposed project.

The spin doctors at TQM and Forum Communications certainly let their imaginations run wild in this effort to create a positive image of their flagging PNGTS Extension project. The result is more of what we have come to expect from this crew - highly predictable concoctions of half-truths and distortions. This time they have included a generous dollop of wishful-thinking in the mix.

"Many authorizations already granted by the Quebec authorities"...

The TQM "newsletter" implies that the proposed PNGTS Project has been approved by the BAPE, the CPTAQ, the Quebec government, and the Memphremagog MRC.

Let us look over the shoulders of the TQM spin doctors as they count up the "approvals" that their project has received.

There you have it. While TQM has no option other than to "bet the farm" on such a framework of shakey and non-existent "approvals", common sense tells us that the game is very far from being over.

PNGTS Extension falls further behind schedule

In their newsletter the TQM spin doctors say optimistically that their project is right on schedule and that "construction work is still slated to begin in early May".

Anyone who has been following this story knows that since the beginning TQM maintained that they would start working on the land in February in order to meet their November 1st, 1998 inservice deadline. So their newsletter is actually an admission that they are three months behind schedule.

In many quarters even this admission of being three months behind schedule is viewed as wishful thinking - some say that it could be as late as the end of July, if ever, before all the necessary approvals are obtained.


TQM, out of the biggness of its heart, is offering its aid in the wake of the recent ice storm by offering immediate payment to those who have signed their compensation options. Haven't signed your option yet? Contact your nearest negociating agent today to take advantage of this fabulous offer!!

What I want to know is, were any of these spin-docs selling batteries on street corners during the ice storm?

No thank you, TQM! TQM, non merci!

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