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Reality Check for Mr. Heider and TQM

Mr. Robert Heider is vice-president of regulatory affairs and marketing for TQM

Dear Mr. Heider,

I see by your comments in the July 20th edition of the Montreal Gazette that you have a few misconceptions. I would like to help you reach a better understanding of the situation.

  • I am not an exception. I invite you to attend the second round of the BAPE commission hearings where you shall have the opportunity to hear from scores of people who share views similar to mine.

  • Perhaps you have confused me with someone else: at no time have I ever refused any discussions with you, your company, or its representatives. TQM has only approached me as an individual once. That was on the 6th of February when representatives of the TQM environmental consultants and negociators met with me at my home. It was a cordial meeting and I listened with interest. The representatives left saying that they would get back to me about a few unanswered concerns, but I never heard from them again.

  • It took persistence and determination on the part of our landowners to push TQM away from cutting sugar bushes standing in the way of the pipeline in our area so I was happy to hear of your concerns about cutting through an area of pines and maples. While I am definitely not advocating that TQM use the commercial property adjoining mine, I should tell you that the pine trees to which you refer are about a foot high and that the maple trees in whose place the pines were planted, and to which you also refer, were reduced by logging to less than half-a-dozen during the past year.

    Time permitting, I would be happy to discuss other possible routes for the PNGTS Extension with you or your representatives. I believe there are some workable alternatives.

    Bruce Miller

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