TQM and The Big Lie

If there were a prize given for the most lies told during the examination of the PNGTS Extension proposal, TQM would be the hands down winner. During the past year TQM has produced a long litany of lies, large and small, for landowners, politicians, and commissions.

The Big Lie. The Big Lie is the untruth which is repeated so often that people begin to think that it is the truth. The biggest lie going around these days is that the Memphremagog MRC has approved the proposed PNGTS Extension project. Its victims have included the Honorable David Price, Federal Member of Parliment for Compton-Stanstead. (Mr. Price is now aware of the MRC's true position).

Where do you suppose the idea that the Memphremagog MRC has approved TQM's project came from?

Make up your own mind about the Memphremagog MRC's position on this proposed project: read the MRC's most recent resolution concerning the project. And while you are at it, why not read the MRC's brief to the BAPE and the NEB?

If you still think that the MRC Memphremagog has approved this project then you are a victim of The Big Lie.

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