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Liseyln Adams and Bruce Millers'
Request for a Detailed Route Hearing

May 19, 1998

Michel Mantha, Secretary
National Energy Board
311 6th Avenue, South West
Calgary, AB T2P 3H2

Re: Application for Detailed Route Hearing, TQM PNGTS Extension

Dear Mr. Mantha:

We are responding to a communication from Bruno St-Laurent of TQM dated 18 March 1998 and delivered to us on the 21st of March by a bailiff. This communication informs us that Bruce T. Miller is being served a Notice of proposed acquisition of lands under Section 87.(1) of the NEB Act.

Under the same act we have the right to oppose the detailed route proposed by TQM by filing with the board a written statement setting out our interest and the grounds of our opposition. That is the purpose of this letter.

As recipients of a Section 87 notice our interest should be pretty obvious, but to make it clear: if and when this project is ever realized, as a couple of individuals who by a mere glancing blow of fate have been privileged to live peacefully and consciously in such an exceptional environment as the Bunker Hill and who have for the past fifteen months been threatened by an industrial project that will destroy our security and change forever the way we relate to our land, our interest is to salvage and preserve to the greatest degree we can our family's safety and the natural qualities of the exceptional environment in which we live. Our opposition can be outlined as follows:

The general route across our land proposed by TQM for its PNGTS Extension natural gas pipeline project:

  1. Is very close to our house (60 meters)
  2. Divides our land and our forest rather than following property boundaries.
  3. Divides the only white-zoned portion of our land.
  4. Ignores the possibility of using the property line which is adjacent to commercially owned and exploited land already cleared of timber.

For twenty-six years we have been preserving the natural aspects of our land and have been actively fostering the recovery of that portion of our land abandoned eight years ago by Hydro Quebec as a right-of-way.

We are therefore requesting a Detailed Route Hearing to determine whether the right-of-way chosen by TQM across our land is the route which creates the least negative impact upon our family and the environment.

Furthermore, in the event that the routing through our land preferred by TQM is deemed by qualified and independent authorities to be the most appropriate, we would like to know:

Regardless of the actual route selection across our land, considering that:

we want detailed and precise commitments by TQM towards the environment on Bunker Hill be placed on the record and specifically included as part of the National Energy Board's conditions upon the project.


Bruce Miller
Liselyn Adams
Box 345
Ayer's Cliff, QC J0B 1CO

cc: TransQuebec & Maritimes Pipelines
Me Lise Duquette

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