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NEB Incomprehensible Study Report

NEB's report on the PNGTS Extension earned the nickname "Incomprehensible Study Report" because it was so poorly written that some passages were incomprehensible.

In addition, it ignored a lot of the evidence presented by landowners and other participants and justified its conclusions by repeating TQM's own vague and contradictory statements.

Their CSR made no mention whatsoever of the Landowners Coalition or the complaints it made to the Board on behalf of members.

There was conjecture that the CSR was written by TQM and not the NEB. Many think they're just two sides of the same coin.

Landowners took level aim at the National Energy Board's report in their commentary to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency --

  • Landowner comments on GH-1-97 CSR

    The Incomprehensible Study Report itself --

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