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The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency doesn't seem to be exactly a bastion of competency: they screwed up the public announcements calling for public comment on the PNGTS Extension CSR, and in addition to being excessively ugly and out of date, their web site is so poorly realized that clicking on its "Home" button links you to a private, commercial interest page. Our tax dollars at work!

By the same token, the CEAA can't exactly be described as a stalwart defender of the environment. While someone wrote some excellent guidelines for them, something seems to get lost in their translation into reality.

It is a widely known fact that while the Canadian Public is committed to the environment and willing to make sacrifices necessary to preserve it, industry, their regulators, and the governments of the day are continuously undercutting and sacrificing the environment for the sake of short-sighted economics.

Gary Richards said it pretty well in this letter: Gary Richards

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