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MH-2-98 Detailed Route Hearings

During the PNGTS Extension Detailed Route Hearings a couple of important issues came up. These could be of interest to landowners who might participate in another Detailed Route Hearing, should there ever be another one.

Route Selection Precedent

If you should find yourself at a Detailed Route Hearing and wish to propose an alternative route, be aware that thanks to one of few precedents laid down by MH-2-98 TQM PNGTS Extension Detailed Route Hearing, your are free to question just how well the original route satisfied the route selection criteria. This would seem self-evident, but it was the subject of considerable discussion at MH-2-98, where the company argued (unsuccessfuly) that their route and their criteria were approved in the original hearing and should therefore not come under discussion or be subject to comparison.

Canadian Standards Association Z-266

Whether or not it would cross your land, if a proposed pipeline would pass near your residence (let's say within 200 meters), then you should be aware that the Canadian Standards Association Z-266 (available for the asking from NEB or, presumably, CSA) is the standard which maps out the criteria which determine specific pipeline design (including pipe thickness) in your neighborhood. You should study the clauses which define construction classes and then do some homework to see whether or not the proposed pipeline actually lives up to the standards. And, if it applies to your circumstances, I direct you attention in particular to clause, Consideration of Future Development.

This means that, as was I, you may be able to force the promoters of your pipeline to use thicker, safer pipe near your house instead of thinner pipe which is used away from populated areas.

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