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Norman Benoit's letter to the NEB

April 11, 1997

National Energy Board
311 Sixth Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H2

Dear Sir:

Re: Filing Requirements - Gazoduc TQM Lachenaie to East Herford (PNGTS)

I am writing on behalf of a number of people, who attended the January 29th information meeting held in Ayer's Cliff, PQ by representatives of Gazoduc TQM. We read with interest your "Guidelines for Filing Requirements" and in particular the instructions regarding early public notification.

It is our opinion that the "information to explain the potential environmental and socio-economic effects" as outlined in Section 4(a) of part II, page 3 of your requirements was definitely left out. Many of the questions we did ask, as we later learned received incomplete or misleading answers. We are in fact convinced that the public information meeting was more of a selling job by the representatives of Gazoduc TQM, than a carrying out of your regulations to inform the public.

Our discussions with persons attending the information meetings in Coaticook, Magog, and Eastman confirm the previous paragraph. Our discussions with l'Union des Producteurs Agricoles, representatives of the Zoning Committee of the Memphremagog Regional Municipal Council, Mayors of various municipalities who had met with the representatives of Gazoduc TQM, also confirm our belief.

Under the circumstances, we would ask that these "Early Public Notification" meetings be repeated with instructions to Gazoduc TQM to give all the information that is required by those who may be affected by the project. Only by doing this can the public address their views in an informed manner necessary to give depth to Part VII of the Guidelines. This will permit the application for a Certificate to comply with your regulations and for you to have the necessary information to prevent errors, especially in our highly touristic and ecologically fragile area.

We really do appreciate that there are laws to restore the balance between individual citizens and large commercial concerns, and that you are there to apply the regulations.

Yours truly

Norman Benoit

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