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Mémoire de John Parkes

Présenté aux membres de la commission du B.A.P.E.
Concernant le projet de prolongation du Gazoduc TransQuébec and Maritimes Août 1997
15 August, 1997

France Carter, Secrétariat
Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement
625, rue Saint-Amable, 2e étage
Québec, QC G1R 2G5
Fax: 418-643-9474

Mme. Carter,

Please consider the following comments regarding the TQM natural gas pipeline proposed to pass through the Magog-Ayer?s Cliff area of the Eastern Townships.

Why are we as a country exporting this non-renewable resource? Like our mountains and our lakes and our rivers this resource is a heritage that should belong to all Canadians ? both the present and future generations. It is a birthright which should not be squandered to benefit the few for short term gain. It is a finite resource which, when exhausted, can never be replaced. It is a resource which as it becomes more scarce and increasing population places ever greater demands upon it, can only increase in value.

Those who favour exporting this non-renewable resource will probably argue that it will increase employment, but this is a comparatively minor and short term gain weighed against the long-term impoverishment of the nation.

Canadians have been criticized in the past for being hewers of wood and carriers of water, which is to say we too often export our riches in an unfinished form without first adding value ? and let others accrue the gain therefrom.

While putting a pipeline through for the benefit of the few we will at the same time be degrading another non-replaceable resource, an area of scenic and touristic beauty which should be preserved for all time for the benefit of all.

The United States is known to be an insatiable consumer of energy. Let us not feed this habit to our own detriment.


John Parkes
Ayer's Cliff, QC

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