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Alina Habba Shows Up at Trump's Trial and Suddenly Makes Things Worse
22 Apr 2024 Hafiz Rashid. The New Republic.

In Defense of Trump
22 Apr 2024 Andrew Rice. Intelligencer.

What to know about Trump's NY trial lawyers, Todd Blanche and Susan Nechels
15 Apr 2024 Perry Stein. Washington Post.

"They'll have no credibility": Experts say Trump lawyers may face "discipline" if they violated rule
8 Apr 2024 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

John Eastman wants to keep practicing law, representing Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene - and paying his own bills
5 Apr 2024 Katelyn Polantz. CNN.

Appeals court sides with judge who threatened Peter Navarro with contempt
1 Apr 2024 Rachel Weiner. Washington Post.

Opinion: The recommendation of Eastman's disbarment is a big deal - for Trump
31 Mar 2024 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Did Trump actually appoint Jeffrey Clark to lead the Justice Department? Clark's lawyer just said yes
30 Mar 2024 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Judge rules John Eastman should be disbarred over efforts to overturn 2020 election
27 Mar 2024 Ella Lee, Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

John Eastman, architect of Trump's 2020 election plot, should be disbarred judge rules
27 Mar 2024 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Lawyers for Trump after 2020 election face professional reckonings
27 Mar 2024 Katelyn Polantz, Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Appeals Court Denies Peter Navarro's Motion to Remain Out of Prison
14 Mar 2024 Zach Montague. New York Times.

Ty Cobb: The `facts are terrible' in Trump legal cases
9 Mar 2024 Lauren Irwin. The Hill.

Perjury Plea Opens Up Trump Lawyers to Big Problems
6 Mar 2024 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

DC court backs Clark's bid to block subpoena from bar investigators
26 Feb 2024 Kyle Cheney, Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Exclusive: Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators
26 Feb 2024 Em Steck, et al. CNN.

Of course Trump's Supreme Court lawyer is the same guy behind Texas' sadistic abortion ban
8 Feb 2024 Amanda Marcotte. Salon.

Trump lawyer: Carroll trial was like `epic' episode of `Twilight Zone'
7 Feb 2024 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

"Trump doesn't have an appeal": Experts say Trump may fire lawyer after being "burned very severely"
29 Jan 2024 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump spent $76 million over last two years on attorneys as legal troubles mount ahead of election
2 Feb 2024 Richard Lardner, Aaron Kessler. Associated Press.

Trump PAC Paid to Investigate Stupidity of Trump's Own Lawyers
2 Feb 2024 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Trump doles out millions to lawyers: Here's who's getting the most
1 Feb 2024 Zach Schonfeld, Ella Lee. The Hill.

"She is a loser": Experts say Trump replacing lawyer because she "doesn't " know what she's doing"
1 Feb 2024 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Habba drops allegation after brushback from Carroll lawyer
31 Jan 2024 Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Trump: Any Lawyer Who Represents Me Is Either a Patriot or `CRAZY'
31 Jan 2024 Dan Ladden-hall. Daily Beast.

Alina Habba Bizarrely Ditches Her Own Bizarre Attempt to Toss Carroll Trial
30 Jan 2024 Tori Otten. The New Republic.

Former Trump attorney slams Habba after defamation verdict: `I would regret having her'
27 Jan 2024 Tara Suter. The Hill.

Habba says she's proud to represent Trump: `Don't get it twisted'
26 Jan 2024 Lauren Irwin. The Hill.

Judge threatens to send Trump attorney Alina Habba to jail over interruptions
26 Jan 2024 Lauren Irwin, Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Testy encounters between lawyers and judges a defining feature of Trump's court cases so far
23 Jan 2024 Eric Tucker, et al. Associated Press.

Lawyer breaks silence on why he abruptly quit Trump team - predicts Trump could be convicted
22 Jan 2024 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

DC bar authorities file disciplinary charges against pro-Trump 2020 election lawyers
19 Jan 2024 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Prosecutors seek 6-month prison term for Peter Navarro
19 Jan 2024 Ella Lee. The Hill.

"Judge Kaplan is taking exactly zero s**t" from Trump lawyer hours after Carroll trial begins
16 Jan 2024 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump signals intent to block testimony in Jeff Clark disciplinary proceeding
16 Jan 2024 Kyle Cheney, Josh Gerstein. Politico.

High-Profile Trump Attorney Out Ahead of Criminal Hush Money Case
15 Jan 2024 Ethan Millman. Rolling Stone.

Key Trump Lawyer Withdraws as Manhattan Criminal Trial Nears
15 Jan 2024 Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Former Trump attorney throws shade at Trump lawyer Alina Habba: Nobody "at the wheel"
12 Jan 2024 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Trump's Idiot Lawyer Tries to Defend "Murdering Rivals Is OK" Argument
10 Jan 2024 Tori Otten. The New Republic.

"Unprofessional": Experts blast Trump lawyer for saying Brett Kavanaugh "quid pro quo part out loud"
5 Jan 2024 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Trump attorney says Kavanaugh will `step up' in ballot cases
5 Jan 2024 Lauren Irwin. The Hill.

Right-Wing Legal Crusades Have Made This Ex-Trump Lawyer Super Rich
3 Jan 2024 Andrew Perez. Rolling Stone.

Trump lawyer threatens prosecutions of Colorado judges - as they're bombarded with violent threats
21 Dec 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump lawyer torched for bragging about being sanctioned nearly $1 million over "frivolous" lawsuit
18 Dec 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Watchdog groups push for disbarment of ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis over Georgia charges
16 Dec 2023 Tara Suter. The Hill.

"Clueless": Legal analyst says Trump lawyers screwed up request for expedited gag order appeal
5 Dec 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

"Doesn't know how to act in front of a judge": Legal experts school Trump lawyer over meltdown
6 Nov 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

Trump attorney says New York attorney general is `just not that bright'
7 Nov 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Donald Trump Is Poorly Served by His Lawyers
26 Oct 2023 Dan Mclaughlin. National Review.

Judge finds Eastman culpable for ethics breaches in 2020 bid to keep Trump in power
3 Nov 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Jenna Ellis' lawyer says she rushed to land plea deal - and warns Giuliani "should be" worried
1 Nov 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba thinks Secret Service will protect Trump from being jailed
1 Nov 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

Michael Cohen Waited Five Years for This
27 Oct 2023 Gabrielle Bluestone. Intelligencer.

Jenna Ellis under investigation, again, by attorney-discipline authorities in Colorado
26 Oct 2023 Quentin Young. Colorado NewsLine.

Trump's Allies Pledged Loyalty to Him. Until They Didn't.
26 Oct 2023 Ben Protess, et al. New York Times.

Jenna Ellis and Michael Cohen: What happens when Trump's co-conspirators become his victims
26 Oct 2023 Amanda Marcotte. Salon.

MAGA Diehards Are Furious Jenna Ellis Pleaded Guilty After Raising $200K
25 Oct 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Mark Meadows Spills to Special Counsel About Trump's Election Lies: Report
24 Oct 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Trump Preps for an Avalanche of Co-Conspirators to Flip
24 Oct 2023 Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng. Rolling Stone.

Trump's ex-lawyers become prosecutors' star witnesses
24 Oct 2023 Kyle Cheney, et al. Politico.

Legal expert: Jan. 6 architect's guilty plea turns the tables on Trump attempt to blame his lawyers
20 Oct 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Chesebro becomes second Trump lawyer to plead guilty in Georgia
20 Oct 2023 Zach Schonfeld, Ella Lee. The Hill.

Lawyers, Trump and money: Ex-president spends millions in donor cash on attorneys as legal woes grow
17 Oct 2023 Richard Lardner, et al. Associated Press.

Trump's Minions Are Already Trying to Poison the Jury Pool
16 Oct 2023 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Team Trump Is Using `Fyre Festival Strategies' in N.Y. Fraud Case
10 Oct 2023 Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng. Rolling Stone.

Cohen on Trump fraud trial: `There's no way for him to escape this'
7 Oct 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Judge told lawyers to "keep the volume down" after Alina Habba "practically yelled" at him: reporter
4 Oct 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

Supreme Court rejects Eastman's bid to scrap rulings that sent his emails to Jan. 6 investigators
2 Oct 2023 Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Supreme Court denies Eastman petition, with rare recusal from Thomas
2 Oct 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Trump expands criminal defense team
26 Sep 2023 Kyle Cheney, Erica Orden. Politico.

Why Did Trump Lose His `Billion Dollar Lawyer'?
22 Sep 2023 Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng. Rolling Stone.

Trumpworld Lawyers Keep Getting Stiffed on Fees
20 Sep 2023 Aamer Madhani, Dan Friedman. Mother Jones.

Rudy Giuliani's former attorneys sue him for more than $1.3 million in unpaid legal fees
18 Sep 2023 Katelyn Polantz. CNN.

Rudy Giuliani sued by his lawyers for $1.4M
18 Sep 2023 Aaron Katersky, John Santucci. ABC.

Outlaw lawyers and outlaw presidents: A brief history of legal perfidy
16 Sep 2023 Gregg Barak. Salon.

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis turns on `malignant narcissist' ex-president
15 Sep 2023 Martin Pengelly. The Guardian.

The Legal Profession Reckons With Jan. 6
3 Sep 2023 Quinta Jurecic. Lawfare.

Opinion: Giuliani and Navarro know it now: The Trump reckoning has begun
31 Aug 2023 Ruth Marcus. Washington Post.

`We Did Nothing Wrong,' Claims Architect of Plan to Overturn Democratic Process
29 Aug 2023 Charisma Madarang. Rolling Stone.

Lawyers indicted with Trump say they were doing their jobs. But that may be a tough argument to make
29 Aug 2023 Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Cohen on Georgia bookings: If any co-defendants turn on Trump, it's `destruction for rest'
26 Aug 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Trump Cans Top Lawyer in Georgia Case Hours Before Surrender Because Sure, why not?
24 Aug 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

"Wrong on the law, wrong on the facts": Fani Willis blasts Jeffrey Clark's "misunderstanding" of law
24 Aug 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

"This is a mistake": Legal expert says Trump just abruptly dumped "the best lawyer he had"
24 Aug 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

John Eastman disbarment hearing: Election expert disputes Eastman's famous Jan.6 memo
24 Aug 2023 Laura Romero. ABC.

Trump replaces top Georgia lawyer ahead of surrender
24 Aug 2023 Kristen Holmes, Sara Murray. CNN.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis turns herself in at Fulton County jail
23 Aug 2023 Ella Lee. The Hill.

Legal experts: Trump lawyers "undermined" their own argument - and Jack Smith walloped them
8 Aug 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Lawyer at center of Trump election plot asks California judge to postpone disbarment proceedings
7 Aug 2023 Ella Lee. The Hill.

Donald Trump's Lawyer Is Dumber Than Donald Trump
7 Aug 2023 Michael Tomasky. The New Republic.

`So Sad!' Trumpworld Delights That This Aide May Be in Legal Trouble
3 Aug 2023 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

After spending a reported $40M in donations on legal fees, Trump requests $60M refund to pay more
30 Jul 2023 Kelly Mcclure. Salon.

Trump PAC scramble to claw back a $60 million donation 'signals a potential money crisis': NYT
30 Jul 2023 Tom Boggioni. Raw Story.

Trump PAC Wants Its Money Back As Legal Bills Pile Up
30 Jul 2023 William Vaillancourt. Rolling Stone.

Trump attorney calls him `the most ethical American I know' in wake of superseding indictment
30 Jul 2023 Lauren Sforza. The Hill.

'An extraordinary sum of money': Questions raised about millions spent on legal fees for Trump and close aides
30 Jul 2023 Tom Boggioni. Raw Story.

Trump PAC has spent more than $40 million on legal costs this year for himself, others
29 Jul 2023 Josh Dawsey, et al. Washington Post.

Tacopina on new charges in classified documents case: `The weaponization of the justice system is in full throttle'
29 Jul 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Attorney: Trump struggling to find lawyers because he's a "uniquely difficult client"
27 Jul 2023 Areeba Shah. Salon.

Trump Struggles to Find Enough Lawyers to Handle His Many Indictments
26 Jul 2023 Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng. Rolling Stone.

Giuliani won't contest Georgia election workers' claims that he falsely accused them of manipulating ballots
26 Jul 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Giuliani concedes he made defamatory statements about Georgia election workers
26 Jul 2023 Katelyn Polantz. CNN.

Trump's `Elite Strike Force Team' Falls on Hard Times
26 Jul 2023 Ankush Khardori. Politico.

"Scared" Trump forced to raise a lot of because his lawyers are "holding him up for money": analyst
24 Jul 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

The Trump Organization and former fixer Michael Cohen settle his lawsuit over unpaid legal bills
21 Jul 2023 Larry Neumeister, Jennifer Peltz. Associated Press.

Trump's Sideshow Characters Keep Racking up Huge Legal Bills
20 Jul 2023 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Trump quietly adds new attorney to January 6 legal team
19 Jul 2023 Kaitlan Collins. CNN.

Giuliani and election fraud promoters didn't vet claims, new court documents show
12 Jul 2023 Katelyn Polantz, et al. CNN.

Giuliani Sweats Disbarment as Lawyers Who Lied for Trump Finally Face Consequences
8 Jul 2023 Dan Friedman. Mother Jones.

Trump Lawyer Bumped From New York AG Case
8 Jul 2023 Isabella Ramirez. Daily Beast.

Giuliani Should Lose His Law License in D.C., Bar Panel Says
7 Jul 2023 Alan Feuer. New York Times.

Attorney who challenged Trump's 2020 loss gives up law license as states weigh disciplining him
5 Jul 2023 Meg Kinnard. Associated Press.

The DOJ Is Zeroing in on Trump's Quack Election Lawyers in Jan. 6 Probe: Report
3 Jul 2023 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Ex-prosecutor: Walt Nauta can't find a lawyer because Trump wants someone he "can control"
3 Jul 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

`Boris Is a Moron': Michael Cohen Unloads on Trump's New Legal Fixer
2 Jul 2023 Corbin Bolies. Daily Beast.

It's Not Looking Good for Trump's Coup Lawyer John Eastman
27 Jun 2023 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Trump's "coup memo" lawyer may face disbarment - but that's the least of John Eastman's problems
24 Jun 2023 Gregg Barak. Salon.

Donald Trump's Lawyers: A Guide to the Attorneys Who Signed Up to Defend the Ex-President (And Where They Are Now)
21 Jun 2023 Jack Mccordick. Vanity Fair.

Ex-Trump Attorney Who Quit Classified-Documents Case Offers Ex-President Free Legal Advice: STFU
21 Jun 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Eastman plan to keep Trump in power faces a reckoning, as authorities seek his disbarment
20 Jun 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Ex-Trump attorney to face attorney disciplinary proceedings for 2020 election plot aimed at Pence
20 Jun 2023 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Donald Trump Just Got Dumped by His Lawyer Again
16 Jun 2023 Josh Fiallo. Daily Beast.

Ex-Trump lawyer turned witness against him loses bid for release from probation
16 Jun 2023 Larry Neumeister. Associated Press.

Trump lawyer who bailed on documents case says in separate lawsuit he is withdrawing due to `irreconcilable differences'
16 Jun 2023 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

The dozens of attorneys who have defended Trump since 2016
16 Jun 2023 Timothy Bella, et al. Washington Post.

Trump's addiction to "yes men" may be his ultimate downfall
16 Jun 2023 Amanda Marcotte. Salon.

Expert: Inability to find new lawyer leaves Trump without expert to handle Espionage Act charges
14 Jun 2023 Areeba Shah. Salon.

Donald Trump Advisers Worry Over Legal Team Civil War: "It's All Coming to a Head"
13 Jun 2023 Gabriel Sherman. Vanity Fair.

Trump Basically One Day Away From Hiring a Lawyer Who Advertises on the Side of a Bus to Defend Him
13 Jun 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Trump scrambles to find lawyer on eve of first federal court appearance
12 Jun 2023 Spencer S. Hsu, et al. Washington Post.

Inside the Implosion of Trump's Mar-a-Lago Legal Team
12 Jun 2023 Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley. Rolling Stone.

"None of us want to work for the guy": "Nightmare client" Trump can't find a new Mar-a-Lago lawyer
12 Jun 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

Trump lawyer: `There is context to everything'
11 Jun 2023 David Cohen. Politico.

He devised a fringe legal theory to try to keep Trump in power. Now he's on the verge of being disbarred
11 Jun 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Top Trump lawyer in Mar-a-Lago case quits just hours after "absolutely insane" TV interview
10 Jun 2023 Areeba Shah. Salon.

Trump taps lawyer Todd Blanche to helm indictment as two others resign
9 Jun 2023 Josh Dawsey, et al. Washington Post.

Trump loses two lawyers just hours after being indicted
9 Jun 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Trump shakes up legal team in wake of classified documents indictment
9 Jun 2023 Kaitlan Collins, Alayna Treene. CNN.

The Chaos Inside Trump's Legal Team
8 Jun 2023 Ankush Khardori. Intelligencer.

Former Trump attorney says he wouldn't be surprised if no charges are filed in classified documents case
4 Jun 2023 Sarah Fortinsky. The Hill.

Reporter Dishes How He Overheard Trump Legal Team Bitching at Dinner
1 Jun 2023 Matt Young. Daily Beast.

Former Trump lawyer: Reported audio `eviscerates' defense in documents investigation
1 Jun 2023 Jared Gans. The Hill.

Trump Lawyers Consider Revenge for Former Colleague
31 May 2023 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Report: Trump's Lawyer Revealed Some Unfortunate Things for Trump in Classified-Docs Case
30 May 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Experts: Report that Trump lawyer was "misled" about Mar-a-Lago search could be bad news for Trump
30 May 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

"It's crazy in there": Knives out on Trump's legal team over worries one of them could be a "snitch"
30 May 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Trump's Lawyers Start to Wonder If One Could Be a Snitch
30 May 2023 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Report: It Sure Sounds Like Trump's Lawyer Gave the DOJ Evidence He Obstructed Justice!
22 May 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Rudy Giuliani's election fraud lawyer wants to dump him for being a frustrating tightwad
19 May 2023 Kelly Mcclure. Salon.

Former Trump lawyer points to internal division as reason for leaving legal team
20 May 2023 Julia Shapero. The Hill.

Lawyer who quit Trump legal team cites disagreements with Trump adviser as basis for departure
20 May 2023 Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Former Trump attorney says he left legal team because of infighting
20 May 2023 David Cohen. Politico.

Former key Trump attorney says he left because of legal team infighting
20 May 2023 Kaanita lyer. CNN.

Former Trump Lawyer Describes Conflict Inside Legal Team
20 May 2023 Alan Feuer, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Legal expert: Trump lawyers "dropping like flies" as he gets "closer and closer to an indictment"
19 May 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump loses key player on Mar-a-Lago legal team
17 May 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Key Trump attorney says he's departing legal team as Mar-a-Lago probe intensifies
17 May 2023 Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Leaked Audio: Ex-Trump Adviser Blamed Sidney Powell for Failure to Overturn Election
21 Apr 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Trump lawyer recuses himself from classified documents case: report
15 Apr 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Trump's Team Blasts His Lawyer as `Dumb' `Loudmouth'
3 Apr 2023 Victoria Bekiempis, et al. Rolling Stone.

CNN host stunned as Trump attorney throws fellow Trump lawyer under the bus on live TV
3 Apr 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

"Such a frickin' idiot": Knives out in TrumpWorld for "dumb" new lawyer in Manhattan DA case
3 Apr 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

How Trump's own lawyer may have cooked his goose in Mar-a-Lago documents case
28 Mar 2023 Norman Eisen, et al. Salon.

At center of Fox News lawsuit, Sidney Powell and a `wackadoodle' email
16 Mar 2023 Sarah Ellison, Amy Gardner. Washington Post.

A Trump lawyer's remarkable admission about her `stolen election' claims
9 Mar 2023 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump Lawyer Admits to Falsehoods in 2020 Fraud Claims
9 Mar 2023 Alan Feuer. New York Times.

Ex-Trump lawyer admits election "misrepresentations" and "selfish motive" - gets off with a censure
9 Mar 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Ex-Trump attorney admits statements about 2020 election were false and is censured by judge
9 Mar 2023 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Trump 2020 lawyer admits misrepresenting stolen election claims
8 Mar 2023 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Group Seeks Disbarment of a Trump-Aligned Lawyer for a Key Jan. 6 Witness
6 Mar 2023 Charlie Savage. New York Times.

Colorado discipline office moves toward ethics complaint against ex-Trump attorney for 2020 election gambits
24 Feb 2023 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Judge tosses out disciplinary action against Sidney Powell for work on Trump election reversal bid
24 Feb 2023 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Calif. seeks to disbar Trump adviser John Eastman over Jan. 6 charges
26 Jan 2023 Mariana Alfaro. Washington Post.

Trump Lawyer John Eastman Faces Disbarment Action in California
26 Jan 2023 Zoe Tillman. Bloomberg Politics.

Judge Orders Trump and Lawyer to Pay Nearly $1 Million for Bogus Suit
20 Jan 2023 Michael S. Schmidt, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

John Eastman Is Unbowed as Investigations Proliferate
19 Jan 2023 Danny Hakim, Michael S. Schmidt. New York Times.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba in "judge's sights" over courtroom stunts and "frivolous" claims: report
9 Jan 2023 Samaa Khullar. Salon.

Trump-Connected Lawyer Told Key Jan. 6 Witness to Lie to Committee
21 Dec 2022 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

"Everybody was disgusted": Juror reveals how Trump Organization's lawyers "pissed off" the jury
15 Dec 2022 Alex Henderson. Salon.

'You are not immune': How Donald Trump's lawyers could go down with him
27 Oct 2022 Matthew Chapman. Alternet.

Trump's lawyers could go down with him
28 Oct 2022 Matthew Chapman. Salon.

Trump Lawyers Are Turning on Each Other Over Mar-a-Lago Probe
11 Oct 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Emails show Trump lawyers mocked his wealth - then tried to block the emails from Congress
4 Oct 2022 Samaa Khullar. Salon.

Trump attorney lawyers up - and says she's willing to cooperate with DOJ in Mar-a-Lago case: report
4 Oct 2022 Igor Derysh. Salon.

"Put up or shut up moment": Special master corners Trump's lawyers on his "planted" evidence claims
23 Sep 2022 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Trump's Team of Lawyers Marked by Infighting and Possible Legal Troubles of Its Own
16 Sep 2022 Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush. New York Times.

Being Trump's Lawyer Is Dangerous. Here's Why
14 Sep 2022 Greg Walters. Vice.

For Trump's Lawyers, Legal Exposure Comes With the Job
10 Sep 2022 Michael S. Schmidt, Luke Broadwater. New York Times.

All the former president's lawyers (that we know of)
7 Sep 2022 Betsy Woodruff Swan, et al. Politico.

"Lordy there are pics": Legal experts say Trump lawyers may need their own lawyers after DOJ filing
31 Aug 2022 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Ex-Federal Prosecutor: Trump's Attorneys Need To Lawyer Up After New DOJ Filing
31 Aug 2022 Josephine Harvey. Huffington Post.

"Everyone's saying no": Trump hires Florida insurance lawyer as top attorneys refuse to work for him
17 Aug 2022 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Trump is rushing to hire seasoned lawyers - but he keeps hearing `No'
16 Aug 2022 Isaac Arnsdorf. Washington Post.

Trump lawyer Eastman takes verbal beating during Jan. 6 hearing
16 Jun 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Intensifying Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Focuses on Trump Lawyers
25 May 2022 Alan Feuer, et al. New York Times.

Inside the effort to disbar attorneys who backed bogus election lawsuits
10 Mar 2022 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Meet Alina Habba, the New Jersey parking garage lawyer now handling Donald Trump's most personal lawsuits
18 Feb 2022 Jacob Shamsian. Businessinsider.

Legal organization files ethics complaint on Trump lawyer Eastman
17 Dec 2021 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Trump-aligned lawyers ordered to pay $175,000 in sanctions fees for bogus election fraud lawsuit
2 Dec 2021 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

The Laughable Defenses of Trump's Personal Coup Lawyer
13 Oct 2021 Matt Ford. The New Republic.

The Sanctioning of Trump's Lawyers Is Exactly What Is Supposed to Happen
28 Aug 2021 Bradley P. Moss, Joanne Molinaro. The Atlantic.

'Profound abuse': Judge disciplines pro-Trump lawyers over election lawsuit
25 Aug 2021 Jan Wolfe. Reuters.

Judge sanctions pro-Trump lawyers who brought 'frivolous' election fraud lawsuits
25 Aug 2021 Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Federal judge imposes sanctions on Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and other pro- Trump lawyers
25 Aug 2021 Tatyana Monnay. Politico.

Opinion: A legal reckoning may be coming for the lawyers who helped Trump push election lies
14 Jul 2021 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

QAnon Lawyer Lin Wood Is Back to Wreak Havoc for Trump
13 Jul 2021 David Gilbert. Vice.

Trump lawyers might be penalized over Michigan election case
12 Jul 2021 Ed White. Associated Press.

Trump erupted in profanity after his 'stupidest' lawyers submitted typo-riddled briefs: new book
9 Jul 2021 David Badash. Alternet.

Trump administration lawyers connected to his most controversial policies are struggling to find new jobs, report says
19 Jun 2021 Sophia Ankel. Businessinsider.Com.

Trump can't hang on to lawyers after false election claims
11 Feb 2021 Alanna Durkin Richer, et al. Associated Press.

Trump's Crack Impeachment Lawyers Misspelled `United States'-Again
8 Feb 2021 Greg Walters. Vice.

Trump parts with impeachment lawyers a week before trial
30 Jan 2021 Jill Colvin, et al. Associated Press.

Giuliani hit with disbarment complaint, faces possible expulsion from New York lawyers association
11 Jan 2021 Shayna Jacobs. Washington Post.

Trump's New `Volunteer' Lawyer Specializes in Election B.S.
4 Jan 2021 Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley. Daily Beast.

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood insists he is not insane after tweeting that Mike Pence should face execution by firing squad
2 Jan 2021 Joshua Zitser. Businessinsider.

Letter from 1,500 attorneys says Trump campaign lawyers don't have `license to lie'
8 Dec 2020 Kim Bellware, John Wagner. Washington Post.

'This ship has sailed': Judges reject 2 more cases from pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell
7 Dec 2020 Olivia Rubin, Matthew Mosk. ABC.

Ex-Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell files lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia
26 Nov 2020 Jordan Williams. The Hill.

Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims
11 Nov 2020 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump's Lawyer Working With Active Russian Agent to Smear Biden
11 Sep 2020 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

Trump's circus of defense lawyers
17 Jan 2020 Joe Lockhart. CNN.