Donald Trump: Incompetent - Irresponsible - Insecure - Illiterate - Irrelevant - Ignominious - Indicted!


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Donald Trump Failed President Media Library


Trump moves to close off Liz Cheney's political escape hatch
17 Feb 2022 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump's ire grows as DeSantis' popularity with Republicans takes off
19 Nov 2021 Gabby Orr, Steve Contorno. CNN.

Trump criticizes Justice for restoring McCabe's benefits
15 Oct 2021 Lexi Lonas. The Hill.

In self-imposed exile, Trump watches with unhappiness as second impeachment trial unfolds
9 Feb 2021 Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump resigns from the Screen Actors Guild after expulsion threat: 'Who cares'
4 Feb 2021 Sarah Polus. The Hill.

Trump Fumes in His First Weekend Out of Office as Fauci Clowns on Him
24 Jan 2021 Asawin Suebsaeng. Daily Beast.

`Like a Ghost' in the White House: The Last Days of the Trump Presidency
20 Jan 2021 Anita Kumar, et al. Politico.

The Pretend President: Pence handles tasks declined by Trump in final days
19 Jan 2021 Ashley Parker. Washington Post.

Bitter, Trump skips chance to say splashy, high-profile farewell
19 Jan 2021 Kevin Liptak, et al. CNN.