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Trump's Gettysburg Address Featured a Pirate Impression
15 Apr 2024 Margaret Hartmann. Intelligencer.

Bolton claims Trump `doesn't have the brains' to be a dictator
30 Mar 2024 Lauren Irwin. The Hill.

George Conway: Trump `knows deep down' that he's `deteriorating'
25 Jan 2024 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Opinion Donald Trump is very confused
23 Jan 2024 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump's increasing flubs risk blunting a major edge: Mental sharpness
23 Jan 2024 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump miscues have Dems seeking to turn tables on GOP over age, mental fitness
22 Jan 2024 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Haley comments on Trump's "temper tantrum" about her - questions if he's "in decline"
20 Jan 2024 Kelly Mcclure. Salon.

Trump pushes back on claims of mental missteps
20 Jan 2024 Filip Timotija. The Hill.

After Trump `Aced' Cognitive Test, He Incorrectly Blames Nikki Haley for Jan.6
20 Jan 2024 Charisma Madarang. Rolling Stone.

Trump appears to mix up Pelosi, Haley while speaking about Jan. 6
19 Jan 2024 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

A `whale' of a tale: Trump continues to distort cognitive test he took
19 Jan 2024 Ashley Parker, Dan Diamond. Washington Post.

Trump Brags He `Aced' Cognitive Test, Correctly Identified a Whale
18 Jan 2024 Charisma Madarang. Rolling Stone.

Trump Blames New York AG for Exxon Moving to Texas in 1989
11 Jan 2024 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Trump presents interesting theory on how magnets work during rally in Iowa
6 Jan 2024 Kelly Mcclure. Salon.

Trump says he didn't know his immigration rhetoric echoes Hitler. That's part of a broader pattern
27 Dec 2023 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Trump muddles up Turkish and Hungarian leaders
23 Oct 2023 Seb Starcevic. Politico.

"We haven't seen anything yet": Despite tape, experts say it "only gets worse for Trump from here"
27 Jun 2023 Areeba Shah. Salon.

Donald Trump says he knows how to "immediately" end the war in Ukraine but must keep it to himself
3 Feb 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

New data shows the folly of Trump's crusade against early voting
2 Jan 2023 Jessica Piper. Politico.

Trump Closes Out Midterms By Eyeing Impeachment of Mitch McConnell
3 Nov 2022 Prem Thakker. The New Republic.

Trump Kept Asking if China Was Shooting Us With a `Hurricane Gun'
10 May 2022 Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley. Rolling Stone.

Trump fumbles JD Vance's name at rally
2 May 2022 Brad Dress. The Hill.

Bolton: Trump lacked enough 'advance thinking' for a coup
16 Jul 2021 Lexi Lonas. The Hill.

Trump discussed sending infected Americans to Guantanamo Bay: book
21 Jun 2021 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Donald Trump Just Paid $3 Million to Expand Joe Biden's Margin of Victory
3 Dec 2020 John Nichols. The Nation.

Trump to America: Drop Dead
6 Oct 2020 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

In His Own Words, Trump on the Coronavirus and Masks
2 Oct 2020 Daniel Victor. New York Times.

Running for president was the worst business decision Trump ever made
28 Sep 2020 Megan Mcardle. Washington Post.

`Wet hot mess': How Trump politicized the mail - and angered conservatives
19 Aug 2020 Tina Nguyen. Washington Post.

Businesses say Trump's payroll tax deferral action is 'unworkable'
19 Aug 2020 Tami Luhby. CNN.

Top Fed official says quick reopenings damaged recovery from coronavirus
12 Aug 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Trump grabs 'third rail' of politics with payroll tax pause
12 Aug 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

US defense officials contradict Trump: No indication yet of attack in Beirut
5 Aug 2020 Barbara Starr. CNN.

Trump's assault on mail voting threatens his reelection bid
3 Aug 2020 Christopher Cadelago, Zach Montellaro. Politico.

Trump Defends His Cognitive Testing Results on Fox News. Again
22 Jul 2020 Katie Rogers. New York Times.

New polling makes clear what Trump refuses to see: His pandemic response has been a political disaster
20 Jul 2020 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Trump on coronavirus: 'If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few
15 Jun 2020 Nathaniel Weixel. The Hill.

Drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus `game changer' increasingly linked to deaths
15 May 2020 Toluse Olorunnipa. Washington Post.

Malaria drug shows no benefit in another coronavirus study
7 May 2020 Marilynn Marchionne. Associated Press.

Trump's Disinfectant Remark Raises a Question About the `Very Stable Genious'
26 Apr 2020 Matt Flegenheimer. New York Times.

It's not just the bleach. Trump is a catalog of bad ideas that tax resources
26 Apr 2020 Matthew Miller. Washington Post.

Injections of Bleach? Beams of Light? Trump Is Self-Destructing Before Our Eyes
24 Apr 2020 Frank Bruni. New York Times.

Trump asked if disinfectants could be injected to kill the coronavirus inside the body. Doctors answered: `People will die.'
24 Apr 2020 Allyson Chiu, Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

Trump Asks if Sunlight Can Kill Viruses. `Not as a Treatment,' Birx Says
24 Apr 2020 William J. Broad, Dan Levin. New York Times.

Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant, Shining UV Light Inside Patients to Kill Coronavirus in Bizarre, Rambling Tangent
23 Apr 2020 Reed Richardson.

Trump tweets warnings at governors who are taking his own advice. Imagine that
17 Apr 2020 Gloria Borger. CNN.

Trump's Brain: A Guided Tour
16 Apr 2020 Jennifer Senior. New York Times.

How false hope spread about hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 - and the consequences that followed
13 Apr 2020 Elyse Samuels, Meg Kelly. Washington Post.

Trump blocks Fauci from answering question about drug Trump is touting
6 Apr 2020 Allyson Chiu, Meagan Flynn. Washington Post.

Got a medical question? Ask Dr. Trump!
6 Mar 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump promotes Larry David's MAGA hat spoof. Did he get the joke?
11 Feb 2020 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

`You're a bunch of dopes and babies': Inside Trump's stunning tirade against generals
17 Jan 2020 Carol D. Leonnig, Philip Rucker. Washington Post.

Trump's ignorance has created an international crisis
6 Jan 2020 Joe Scarborough. Washington Post.

The United States is being run by a toddler
8 Nov 2019 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump's many geography fails
24 Oct 2019 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump: `We're Building A Wall In Colorado'
23 Oct 2019 CBS News.

`I sort of thrive on it': The impeachment crisis shines a spotlight on Trump's state of mind
14 Oct 2019 Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker. Washington Post.

Trump's Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation
7 Oct 2019 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

`He always doubles down': Inside the political crisis caused by Trump's racist tweets
20 Jul 2019 Michael Scherer, et al. Washington Post.

A Yazidi woman from Iraq told Trump that ISIS killed her family. `Where are they now?' he asked
19 Jul 2019 Colby Itkowitz. Washington Post.

From Trump to Alec Baldwin, conspiracy theories, narcissism and celebrity culture go hand in hand
19 Jul 2019 Lynn Stuart Parramore. NBC News.

Trump delivers meandering speech to his digital army of supporters at the White House
11 Jul 2019 Oliver Darcy. CNN.

Trump blames teleprompter for Revolutionary War 'airports' flub
5 Jul 2019 Dareh Gregorian. NBC News.

Trump just publicly proved he couldn't pass a middle-school civics test
29 Jun 2019 Rebekah Entralgo.

Amid royal honors, Trump steps on his own good press
28 May 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi's trap
24 May 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump tried to obstruct justice. But he was too inept to do it
19 Apr 2019 Jennifer Daskal. Washington Post.

Trump's `truly bizarre' visit to Mt. Vernon
10 Apr 2019 Eliana Johnson, Daniel Lippman. Politico.

Trump again overrules top brass
8 Apr 2019 Wesley Morgan, Nahal Toosi. Politico.

Ann Coulter Fires Back at Trump: `The Only National Emergency Is That Our President In an Idiot'
15 Feb 2019 Matt Wilstein. Daily Beast.

The people whom President Trump has called stupid
6 Aug 2018 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

We are a deeply stupid country
16 Jul 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Panel convened by Steyer questions Trump's mental state
13 Feb 2018 Ayanna Alexander. Politico.

Poll: Almost half of voters question Trump's mental stability
22 Jan 2018 Rebecca Morin. Politico.

The `genius' of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts
13 Jan 2018 Marc Fisher. Washington Post.

Donald Trump tried to show you he's sane and stable His week became a running fiasco
12 Jan 2018 Daniel Dale. Toronto Star.

Maybe Trump Is Not Mentally Ill. Maybe He's Just a Jerk
12 Jan 2018 Jeffrey A. Lieberman. New York Times.

No, Trump doesn't need a mental fitness evaluation
10 Jan 2018 Richard A. Friedman. Washington Post.

The White House struggles to silence talk of Trump's mental fitness
8 Jan 2018 Philip Rucker & Ashley Parker. Washington Post.

Trump, Defending His Mental Fitness, Says He's a `Very Stable Genius'
6 Jan 2018 Peter Baker & Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Trump defends mental health: I'm a 'stable genius'
6 Jan 2018 Andrew Restuccia & Craig Howie. Politico.

Trump's mental meltdown
7 Dec 2017 Joe Scarborough. Washington Post.

Two new reports suggest Trump has come unhinged. The truth is worse
29 Nov 2017 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Trump always lashes out when he's cornered. He told me so years ago
4 Dec 2017 Tony SchwartzTony Schwartz. Washington Post.

The media is asking a lot of questions about Trump's sanity these days
2 Dec 2017 Callum Borchers. Washington Post.

Trump Is Cracking Up
1 Dec 2017 Michelle Goldberg. New York Times.

This is getting worse
30 Nov 2017 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

Don't just complain that Trump is dumb. Do something about it
21 Nov 2017 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Dear Nobel Winners, Mr. Trump Has All the Brains He Needs
18 Nov 2017 Elizabeth Williamson. New York Times.

Something is seriously off about this president
4 Sep 2017 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.