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Manafort's lawyers appealed for mercy - but not from the judge
13 Mar 2019 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Manafort indicted by Manhattan DA on mortgage fraud charges
13 Mar 2019 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump mum on Manafort pardon: 'It's a very sad situation'
13 Mar 2019 Jordan Fabian. The Hill.

Second Manafort sentencing brings total to 7.5 years
13 Mar 2019 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Paul Manafort sentenced to about 4 years in prison in Virginia case
7 Mar 2019 Rachel Weiner, et al. Washington Post.

Paul Manafort a `hardened' and `bold' criminal, Mueller prosecutors tell judge
23 Feb 2019 Rachel Weiner. Washington Post.

Manafort bombshell deepens mystery in Russia probe
14 Feb 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Mueller says Manafort lied about contacts with Trump officials
7 Dec 2018 Lydia Wheeler, Morgan Malfant. The Hill.

Trump won't rule out pardon for Paul Manafort
28 Nov 2018 Matthew Choi. Politico.

What everyone's forgetting about Paul Manafort
18 Oct 2018 Diana Pilipenko. Washington Post.

If Manafort is counting on a pardon, he shouldn't
28 Nov 2018 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Judge questions 'highly unusual' Manafort plea deal with Mueller
11 Oct 2018 Darren Samuelsohn, Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Manafort pulls surprise on Trump with Mueller deal
15 Sep 2018 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Five takeaways from Manafort's plea deal
15 Sep 2018 Lydia Wheeler, Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.