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Trump tests limits of gag order ahead of New York trial
13 Apr 2024 Myah Ward, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Conservatives deal another blow to Speaker Johnson, defeating FISA rule after Trump push
10 Apr 2024 Kristin Wilson. CNN.

Opinion: Trump's dangerous $600 million problem
20 Mar 2024 Frita Ghitis. CNN.

Trump is dangerously desperate for a bailout
20 Mar 2024 Heather Digby Parton. Salon.

Trump looks to hire a `grave counterintelligence threat'
19 Mar 2024 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Donald Trump's classified documents trial is imperative to national security
11 Mar 2024 John Michael Weaver, Tom Roseth. Salon.

The prospect of a second Trump presidency has the intelligence community on edge
26 Feb 2024 Erin Banco, John Sakellaridis. Politico.

Special counsel fights judge's order allowing Trump to reveal witness identities in Mar-a-Lago case
9 Feb 2024 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Trump vowed he'd `never' help Europe if it's attacked, top EU official says
10 Jan 2024 Eddy Wax. Politico.

DeSantis, Haley pledge to pardon Trump if he's convicted
1 Jan 2024 Reis Thebault. Washington Post.

"Could get somebody killed": Ex-FBI agent warns missing Trump binder may "expose US intel sources"
18 Dec 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

The Only Alliance Trump Likes Is the Mutual Admiration Society
13 Dec 2023 Thomas B. Edsall. New York Times.

Trump campaign distances itself from report of second-term Cabinet contenders
8 Dec 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Fears of a NATO Withdrawal Rise as Trump Seeks a Return to Power
9 Dec 2023 Jonathan Swift, et al. New York Times.

"My jaw almost dropped": Expert stunned Ivanka offered "proof" Trump was "robbing Peter to pay Paul"
9 Nov 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Trump takes the stand in New York civil case alleging financial fraud
6 Nov 2023 Jill Colvin, Michael R. Sisak. Associated Press.

Exclusive: A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were suppressed
9 Aug 2023 Mattathias Schwartz. Businessinsider.

Opinion: Here's the Intelligence Assessment of Donald Trump that the Government Can't Write
5 Aug 2023 Donell Harvin. Politico.

Opinion: Our job was to brief Trump on intelligence. His job was to protect the secrets
27 Jun 2023 Sue Gordon. Washington Post.

Trump indictment lays bare security risks of storage at Mar-a-Lago
16 Jun 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Trump, Pence and Biden won't be punished - but Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner went to prison
31 Jan 2023 Jesselyn Radack, Kathleen McClellan. Salon.

Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Have Worked for the Federal Government: Report
12 Dec 2022 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

The Globetrotting Con Man and Suspected Spy Who Met With President Trump
11 Oct 2022 Sebastian Rotella, Kirsten Berg. Propublica.

Opinion: Trump's reckless handling of nuclear documents
7 Sep 2022 Frita Ghitis. CNN.

EXPLAINER: The intel review of documents at Trump's estate
11 Sep 2022 Nomaan Merchant. Associated Press.

Opinion: The Mar-a-Lago espionage scandal is a three-alarm national security crisis. We should act like it
4 Sep 2022 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Trump must explain what he did and why he did it
4 Sep 2022 Glenn C. Altschuler. The Hill.

America's secrets: Trump's unprecedented disregard of norms (Ran out of toilet paper?)
3 Sep 2022 Aamer Madhani. Associated Press.

Deep inside bustling Mar-a-Lago, a storage room where secrets were stashed
2 Sep 2022 Rosalind S. Helderman, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Opinion: What's really at stake when top secrets are stored at Mar-a-Lago?
29 Aug 2022 Ted Gup. CNN.

Gang of 8 wants to see Trump Mar-a-Lago search docs
22 Aug 2022 Andrew Desiderio. Politico.

Trump search worsens FBI's surveillance politics headache with GOP
19 Aug 2022 Jordain Carney. Politico.

FBI probes "secret" docs at Mar-a-Lago - suggesting a "criminal investigation" is already underway
8 Apr 2022 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Opinion: On those boxes found at Mar-a-Lago, Congress should let Justice do its job
8 Apr 2022 Colbert I. King. Washington Post.

US intelligence community 'struggled' to brief Trump, CIA study says
29 Nov 2021 Katie Bo Lillis. CNN.

Troops move to block Pentagon vaccine requirement in court
30 Sep 2021 Ellen Mitchell. The Hill.

Former top DHS official: Trump return to White House would be 'disaster' for intelligence community
26 Sep 2021 Monique Beals. The Hill.

Opinion: This historian predicted Jan. 6. Now he warns of greater violence
16 Jul 2021 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Ex-Trump official: 'No. 1 national security threat I've ever seen' is GOP
16 Jul 2021 Jordan Williams. The Hill.

Trump Organization and CFO to be charged Thursday: WSJ
30 Jun 2021 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

White House Unveils Strategy to Combat Domestic Extremism
15 Jun 2021 Zolan Kanno-youngs. New York Times.

Biden says Trump should not receive intelligence briefings
6 Feb 2021 Shane Harris. Washington Post.

White House reviewing whether Trump should continue receiving intel briefings
1 Feb 2021 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

FBI investigating whether woman stole laptop from Pelosi's office to sell it to Russia
17 Jan 2021 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Trump should be denied intelligence briefings, Schiff says
17 Jan 2021 Sarah Cammarata. Politico.

Why James Comey is concerned about Trump's post-presidency intelligence briefings
15 Jan 2021 Joanna Rosa. ABC.

A former president Trump won't `need to know.' Cut off his intelligence
16 Jan 2021 Susan M. Gordon. Washington Post.

Secret Service director reminds employees to be nonpartisan ahead of Biden inauguration
14 Jan 2021 Jim Acosta, Jason Hoffman. CNN.

Expecting trouble, DC locks down a week before inauguration
14 Jan 2021 Ashraf Khalil, Lolita C. Baldor. Associated Press.

The Gutted, 'Unnerving' State of the Agencies Supposed to Keep the U.S. Safe
14 Jan 2021 Garret M. Graff. Politico.

Feds warn extremists may be emboldened to carry out additional attacks after Capitol insurrection
14 Jan 2021 Josh Campbell. CNN.

Fight Trump Like a Terrorist Leader, National Security Experts Say
13 Jan 2021 Mark Follman. Mother Jones.

What's so wrong with Capitol security that a mob can just waltz right in?
7 Jan 2021 Editorial Board. Baltimore Sun.

Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis
19 Dec 2020 Martin Matishak. Politico.

Trump downplays Russia in first comments on cyberattack
19 Dec 2020 Jill Colvin, Matthew Lee. Associated Press.

Trump downplays massive cyber hack on government after Pompeo links attack to Russia
19 Dec 2020 Veronica Stracqualursi, Jennifer Hansler. CNN.

Trump downplays cyberattack on U.S., breaks with Pompeo on Russia's role
19 Dec 2020 Evan Semones. Politico.

Trump Discussed Naming Campaign Lawyer as Special Counsel on Election Fraud
19 Dec 2020 Maggie Haberman, Zolan Kanno-Youngs. New York Times.

Trump, contradicting Pompeo, downplays gravity of massive cyberattack against U.S. government, as well as Russia's role
19 Dec 2020 Ellen Nakashima. Washington Post.

Trump downplays impact of hack, questions whether Russia involve
19 Dec 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

How U.S. agencies' trust in untested software opened the door to hackers
19 Dec 2020 Eric Geller. Politico.

US cybersecurity agency warns suspected Russian hacking campaign broader than previously believed
17 Dec 2020 Zachary Cohen, et al. CNN.

Hack against US is `grave' threat, cybersecurity agency says
17 Dec 2020 Ben Fox. Associated Press.

Trump remains silent as massive cyber hack poses 'grave risk' to government
17 Dec 2020 Kevin Liptak. CNN.

Nuclear weapons agency breached amid massive cyber onslaught
17 Dec 2020 Natasha Bertrand, Eric Wolfe. Politico.

FBI scrambles to assess damage from Russia-linked US government hack
17 Dec 2020 Luke Barr, Jack Date. ABC.

The Cybersecurity 202: Trump took the nation in the wrong direction on cybersecurity, experts say
15 Dec 2020 Joseph Marks. Washington Post.

White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists
4 Dec 2020 Lara Seligman, et al. Politico.

When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's national security secrets?
27 Nov 2020 Ken Dilanian. NBC News.

Trump orders Pentagon to pull 2,500 troops from Afghanistan and Iraq
17 Nov 2020 Ellen Mitchell. The Hill.

Questions swirl at Pentagon after wave of departures
15 Nov 2020 Rebecca Kheel, Ellen Mitchell. The Hill.

FBI Sits on Report Detailing White-Supremacist Terror Threat
26 Oct 2020 Spencer Ackerman. Daily Beast.

Cybersecurity Consultant Was Outed for Ties to Moscow, So Why Is He Meeting Top Trump Officials in DC?
21 Oct 2020 Michael Weiss, Pierre Vaux. Daily Beast.

Hayden endorses Biden, says Trump 'doesn't care about facts'
7 Oct 2020 Morgan Gstalter. The Hill.

John Bolton: Trump could pull US out of NATO
1 Oct 2020 Andrew McDonald. Politico.

Ethics experts see national security concern in Trump's debt
29 Sep 2020 Aamer Madhani, Deb Reichmann. Associated Press.

CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House
23 Sep 2020 Natasha Bertrand, Daniel Lippman. Politico.

Democrats smell blood with new DHS whistleblower complaint
11 Sep 2020 Olivia Beavers. The Hill.

Trump's need to gossip about nukes provokes anxiety
10 Sep 2020 Kevin Liptak, et al. CNN.

Trump Creates His Own `Deep State'
1 Sep 2020 John Sipher. New York Times.

John Brennan: Trump will suffocate the intelligence community to get reelected
31 Aug 2020 John Brennan. Washington Post.

Barr's removal of career national security official, weeks before elections, raises concerns
31 Aug 2020 Mike Levine. ABC.

Dems outraged as Trump administration scales back election security briefings
29 Aug 2020 Betsy Woodruff Swan, et al. Politico.

Rubio says congressional oversight of intelligence faces 'historic crisis' following DNI announcement
29 Aug 2020 J. Edward Moreno. The Hill.

Manafort was `grave counterintelligence threat' due to Russian contacts, Senate panel says
18 Aug 2020 Andrew Desiderio, et al. Politico.

Report: Trump campaign's Russia contacts a `grave' threat
18 Aug 2020 Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick. Associated Press.

Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump's Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
8 Aug 2020 Robert Draper. New York Times.

Russia bounty flap highlights intel breakdown under Trump
1 Jul 2020 Natasha Bertrand, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

From pandering to Putin to abusing allies and ignoring his own advisers, Trump's phone calls alarm US officials
29 Jun 2020 Carl Berstein. CNN.

Russia. Ukraine. China. Bolton account highlights pattern of Trump welcoming foreign political help
18 Jun 2020 Rosalind S. Helderman, Tom Hamburger. Washington Post.

Former diplomats and civilian officials condemn Trump administration's response to protests
8 Jun 2020 Carol Morello. Washington Post.

For Spy Agencies, Briefing Trump Is a Test of Holding His Attention
21 May 2020 Julian E. Barnes, Adam Goldman. New York Times.

Acting counterterrorism center head fired, according to former U.S. Officials
19 Mar 2020 Ellen Nakashema. Washington Post.

Trump loyalists take command of the intelligence community
17 Mar 2020 David Ignatius. Washington Post.

Trump again nominates Rep. John Ratcliffe to be director of national intelligence
28 Feb 2020 Shane Harris, Ellen Nakashima. Washington Post.

Responding to news of Russian interference, Trump sends chilling message to U.S. intelligence community
22 Feb 2020 Shane Harris, et al. Washington Post.

Trump puts an unqualified loyalist in charge of national intelligence
20 Feb 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

George Conway: I believe the president, and in the president
5 Feb 2020 George T. Conway III. Washington Post.

Ambassador's cellphone call to Trump from Kyiv restaurant was a stunning breach of security, former officials say
13 Nov 2019 Ellen Nakashima. Washington Post.

Democrats flip the script on a cut-and-run president
15 Oct 2019 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump's calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some `genuinely horrified'
4 Oct 2019 Carol D. Leonnig, et al. Washington Post.

A shocking CNN scoop confirms: Officials are defending our country from Trump
10 Sep 2019 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Candidates for spy chief in short supply Devin Nunes? Holy Shit!
15 Aug 2019 Martin Matishak. Politico.

Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction
16 Jul 2019 David Willman. Los Angeles Times.

Trump's erratic policy moves put national security at risk, experts warn
23 Jun 2019 Felicia Sonmez, David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

Trump smashed months of FBI work to thwart election interference
13 Jun 2019 Darren Samuelsohn, Natasha Bertrand. Politico.

Five Questions From a Former Spy About the Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-lago
20 Apr 2019 Alex Finley. Politico.

Feds are investigating possible Chinese spying at Mar-a-Lago & Cindy Yang, sources say
3 Apr 2019 Jay Weaver, et al. Miami Herald.

Chinese woman carrying thumb drive with malware arrested at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort
3 Apr 2019 Devlin Barrett, David A. Fahrenthold. Washington Post.

White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump administration
1 Apr 2019 Rachael Bade. Washingtion Post.

Jared Kushner's use of WhatsApp raises concerns among cybersecurity experts
23 Mar 2019 Kevin Collier. CNN.

Trump grows frustrated with Coats, leading some to fear he might be fired
19 Feb 2019 Shane Harris, et al. Washington Post.

Trump says Intel chiefs told him media mischaracterized comments
31 Jan 2019 Brett Samuelsohn. The Hill.

Even some Republicans balk as Trump targets US spy chiefs
31 Jan 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump blasts intel chiefs as 'passive and naive'
30 Jan 2019 Olivia Beavers. The Hill.

Top intel chiefs contradict Trump on Iran, North Korea nuclear developments
29 Jan 2019 Olivia Beavers. The Hill.

New York Times: Trump raised withdrawing the US from NATO several times in 2018
16 Jan 2019 Veronica Stracqualursi, Jim Acosta. CNN.

Rudy Giuliani's typo became an anti-Trump message. He blamed Twitter, but this Atlanta man pranked him
5 Dec 2018 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

17 times Brennan has torched Trump
15 Aug 2018 Emily Birnbaum. The Hill.

Trump Revokes Ex-C.I.A. Director John Brennan's Security Clearance
15 Aug 2018 Michael D. Shear. New York Times.

Trump team tries to show spine on Russia
25 Jul 2018 Nahal Toosi, Stephanie Murray. Politico.

Trump mulls move against intel critics
23 Jul 2018 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

John Bolton's New Top Aide Is a Russia Truther
8 Jun 2018 Justin Glawe. Daily Beast.

Lawmakers stunned by Trump push to help Chinese company
14 May 2018 Morgan Chalfant, Ali Breland. The Hill.

Advisers bad-mouth Nielsen as a `never Trumper'
11 May 2018 Andrew Restuccia, Eliana Johnson. Politico.

Trump and Bolton's Plan to Isolate Allies and Encourage Enemies
25 Mar 2018 Wendy R. Sherman. New York Times.

'America First' Bears a New Threat: Military Force
24 Mar 2018 David E. Sanger, Gardiner Harris. New York Times.

With Bolton, Trump Creates a Historically Hard-Line Foreign Policy Team
22 Mar 2018 David E. Sanger. New York Times.

Add another zealot to the White House
22 Mar 2018 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Kushner's overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek levera
27 Feb 2018 Shane Harris, et al. Washington Post.

Cyber chief:Trump has given no new authority to strike at Russian threat
27 Feb 2018 Aaron Blake, Ellen Nakashima. Washington Post.

White House Told Kushner's Security Clearance Will Be Delayed
23 Feb 2018 Michael S. Schmidt, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Under Trump, Border Patrol Steps Up Searches Far From the Border
21 Feb 2018 Ron Nixon. New York Times.

Kushner Resists Losing Access as Kelly Tackles Security Clearance Issues
20 Feb 2018 Julie Hirschfeld, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Chief of Staff Orders an Overhaul for Security Clearances
16 Feb 2018 Michael D. Shear. New York Times.

New White House security clearance policy could put `bull's eye' on Kushner
16 Feb 2018 Shane Harris, et al. Washington Post.

Intelligence officials say Russia intent on disrupting U.S. elections
13 Feb 2018 Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

When we talk about Russian meddling, what do we actually mean?
13 Feb 2018 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

FBI director defends the bureau's handling of security clearance for White House aide accused of spousal abuse
13 Feb 2018 Ellen Nakashima, Shane Harris. Washington Post.

Inside the FBI: Anger, worry, work - and fears of lasting damage
3 Feb 2018 Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky. Washington Post.

Clapper & Brennan clap back at President Trump's "political hacks" rebuke
12 Nov 2017 Taylor Link. Salon.

Sally Yates just threw the White House under the bus
8 May 2017 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

The most suspicious part of Trump's presidency
1 Apr 2017 Washington Post. Washington Post.

What will it take for the president to retract his tweets about Obama?
18 Mar 2017 Dan Balz. Washington Post.